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Extensive views riding in Patagonia
from US $4,069

An extraordinary horseback point-to-point trail glamping trip through the remote wilderness of Patagonia on a vehicle-supported, full-service holiday. On this equestrian adventure,  Argentinian Criollos take riders through Monkey Puzzle tree forests and ancient woodlands, across river plains and over steep climbs with vast views with the ever present backdrop of the snow capped volcanoes and the Andes mountains.

Argentina Estancia Los Potreros
from US $525 per night

Working cattle estancia near Cordoba, Argentina. Ride with gauchos and experience Argentine hospitality, lovely accommodation and learn to play polo. All levels.

Canter in the desert on Marwari horses
from US $4,455

Visit and stay in some of the finest Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan over the Christmas and New Year holidays on this unique equestrian vacation. The Marwari horses are bold, fit and fast, making them the perfect companions.. Accommodation and service levels throughout this vacation are high and this is a real luxury experience. Many of the hotels are converted palaces or mansions, and even when camping in remote areas, horseback riders can be sure of a hot shower and a comfortable bed every night.

Mexican cowboys at the ranch
from US $415 per night

Enjoy an active ranch holiday at this authentic Mexican equestrian ranch close to Mexico City. Well-known for its Friesian stallions and other quality horses, horseback riders can explore the surrounding mountains and national parks on horseback, visit local volcanoes and indulge in all-you-can-eat Mexican cuisine with complimentary beer and wine. As well as horseback riding, the ranch offers a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, basketball courts and a games room making it an ideal vacation for confident novices to expert horseback riders.

riding into town
from US $4,935

Be part of this unique opportunity to experience this ancient equestrian tradition with thousands of Mexican horseback riders. Share their traditions, food, music, drinks and beliefs, while riding through rural roads, mountains and villages. For intermediate horseback riders and above. 

Przewalski Horses
from US $2,225

A winter horseback ride combining the magic landscapes of the Orkhon Valley with Bayan Gobi dunes and Przewalski horses in Hustai National Park. A rare insight into the lives of the nomads living on the frozen steppes, yurt accommodation, for experienced horseback riders.

Riding in the foothills
from US $929

This is a centre-based horseback riding vacation based 45min from Marrakesh airport in an eco-lodge at the foot of the Atlas Mountains beside the Toubkal National Park. The destination not only offers good horseback riding for all levels, but also a range of other activities on site. A choice of accommodation from luxury suites to charming Bedouin tents make this break excellent value for all. 

Riding into Sahara desert
from US $1,859

Experience a true one way equestrian  desert crossing on this adventurous trail exploring far into Erg Chegaga, one of the largest and wildest dune fields in Morocco. Ride Arab-Berber stallions and camp under the remote star-studded desert sky. Suitable for experienced riders.

Riding across the Sahara
from US $1,549

A fantastic horse riding trail through the desert home of the Berber people on fit horses for intermediate riders onwards. Ride from the stony deserts near Zagora all the way to the big sand dunes of the Sahara at Chegaga. Camping or, from October to April, guesthouses, hotels or a riad.

Happy New Year!
from US $1,965

Feel the festive spirit on fast horseback riding trails through the Catalan countryside on pure bred and Andalusian crosses. Comfortable accommodation, lots of good horseback riding and a New Year's Eve to remember!  This is an exceptional equestrian vacation trail for competent riders 

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