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Working cattle estancia near Cordoba, Argentina. Ride with gauchos and experience Argentine hospitality, lovely accommodation and learn to play polo. All levels.
Departure Dates:
  • 2018: Open all year, anytime arrival and departure.
  • Trip Length: Suggested 8 days/7 nights or as you wish. There is a minimum of 3 nights (5 nights over Christmas & New Year).
  • Approximate riding time per day: Flexible, on trails 4-6 hours. No riding on Sunday afternoons
  • Meeting point: Cordoba Airport, Argentina.
  • Riding Ability Required: All riding abilities catered for
  • Usual Group Size: Max 12
  • Transfer: Included from Córdoba Pajas Blancas airport or Rio Ceballos (but not Córdoba central) between 08.00 and 20.00. All other transfer requests will be quoted on a case by case basis.. Approximate transfer time is 1 hour
Saltpans of Botswana
from $3,799
Special Offer:
5% discount on final price when combined with the Okavango Delta Ride in 2018
Off the beaten track adventure riding in the vast Makgadikgadi Pans and Thamalakane bush, a full service safari. Interact with meercats.
Departure Dates:
  • 2018 Low Season: 28 Jan; 4, 27 Feb; 6, 28 Mar.
  • 2018 Mid Season: 4, 27 Apr; 8 May; 3, 17 June; 22, 29 Jul; 9, 23 Sept; 19, 24 Dec.
  • 2018 High Season: 19, 26 Aug.
  • 2019 Mid Season: 21 Jul; 22 Sept.
  • 2019 High Season: 11, 18 Aug.
  • Trip Length: 6 days/5 nights
  • Approximate riding time per day: 4 - 6 hours per day
  • Meeting point: Maun, Botswana (MUB)
  • Riding Ability Required: Walk, trot and canter on a good horse, from intermediate onwards.
  • Usual Group Size: 2-8
  • Transfer: 2018: approx. £510 per person return light aircraft transfer, Maun - Camp Kalahari - Maun, payable at time of booking.
Arguably the best ride in the world for good riders. Frequent big game sightings, fantastic riding on an unbeatable team of horses, luxury accommodation.
Departure Dates:
  • Arrivals/Departures on Saturday or Tuesday
  • 2018/9 Low season: January; February; March; December.
  • 2018/9 Mid season: 31 March to 17 July; 1 November to 1 December.
  • 2018/9 High season: 18 July to 31 October.
  • Trip Length: 6 days/5 nights, 8 days/7 nights or 11 days/10 nights.
  • Approximate riding time per day: 4 to 6 hours
  • Meeting point: Maun, Botswana (MUB)
  • Riding Ability Required: Post to trot 10 min and gallop out of danger. Minimum age 12.
  • Usual Group Size: Maximum 12
  • Transfer: 2018: from £260 per person each way (helicopter). Road and boat transfers possible depending on flood levels - please enquire.
Special Offer:

5% discount on final price when combined with the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans in 2018

Mobile camp adventure in Okavango Delta, suitable for intermediate and experienced riders onwards.
Departure Dates:
  • 2018: 20, 27 Jan; 20 Feb; 20 Mar; 2*, 20* Apr; 13*, 25* May; 8*, 22* Jun; 1*, 15** Jul; 3** (FULL), 12**, 20**, 31** Aug; 8, 15, 28 Sept; 13 Oct; 3, 17 Nov.
  • Shorter stays available all year round on request.
  • (* denotes mid season, ** denotes high season.)
  • For shorter stays low season is 1 Jan - 31 Mar and 1 Oct - 31 Dec; mid season is 1 Apr - 30 Jun; high season is 1 Jul - 30 Sept).
  • Trip Length: 8 day / 7 nights / 6 riding days
    Also available on a nightly basis with a minimum stay of 3 nights
  • Approximate riding time per day: 4 - 6 hours per day
  • Meeting point: Maun Airport, Botswana (MUB)
  • Riding Ability Required: Walk, trot and canter on a good horse, from intermediate onwards.
  • Usual Group Size: 2 - 8
  • Transfer: 2018: Included from Maun airport, approx. 30 minutes.
Safari for all levels of rider along the Thamalakane River near the Okavango Delta and Maun, a full service safari.
Departure Dates:
  • All year round (high season 1 Jul - 31 Oct).
  • Trip Length: Flexible, minimum stay 3 nights
  • Approximate riding time per day: 4 - 6 hours per day as desired
  • Meeting point: Maun, Botswana (MUB)
  • Riding Ability Required: Riding for all levels
  • Usual Group Size: 1-10
  • Transfer: Included from Maun aiport
Bulgaria Balkan Riding Week
from $1,035
A week-long based stay with riding out around the Central Balkan National Park. Trips can be tailored to different experience levels and explore the pristine wilderness, meadows and mountains in Bulgaria.
Departure Dates:
  • 2018: Available all year, Saturday arrivals.
  • Trip Length: 8 days / 7 nights / 6 days riding
  • Approximate riding time per day: 4-7 hours
  • Meeting point: Sofia Airport (SOF)
    Clients can also fly into Plodiv (PDV) please contact us for transfer details
  • Riding Ability Required: Walk, trot and canter
  • Usual Group Size: 1-8
  • Transfer: 2018: Included from meeting point according to time of last arriving/earliest departing guest. Flights should be booked to arrive before 18:00 and departure after 12:00 on return. Other times can be arranged for a fee of €150 per car (1-3 pax) each way, payable on site. Approximate transfer time is 3 hours.
Trail rides and riding lessons set in the stunning Canadian countryside, flanked by three mountain ranges, forests and open plains.
Departure Dates:
  • 2018: open from 1st May to 30th September, any day departure.
  • Trip Length: 8 days/7 nights
  • Approximate riding time per day: 2-6 hours
  • Meeting point: The ranch, or Edmonton Airport if transfers have been booked.
  • Riding Ability Required: From beginner onwards, the rides are adjusted to the level of the rider.
  • Usual Group Size: Lessons 1-6
    Trail rides 1-8
    Ranch accommodation 1-16
  • Transfer: 2018: Car hire is strongly recommended. A shuttle service is available for 200 CD$ per car (1-4) each way, on request. It's a 5 hour drive from the airport. A Greyhound bus is an option too.
Explore the backcountry of Banff National Park on this horse riding holiday with comfortable lodge accommodation. Sure-footed horses take riders of any level through the wilderness around Bow River and up in to the mountains, with gourmet food, a crackling fire and comfortable beds each night.
Departure Dates:
  • 2018 6 Day Escorted: 13 to 18 September
  • 2018 6 Day: Thursday and Sunday departures between 24 June and 13 September.
  • 2018 4 Day: Wednesday departures between 27 June and 22 September
  • 2018 3 Day: Monday departures between 21 May and 8 October
  • 2018 2 Day: Saturday departures between 19 May and 6 October
  • Trip Length: 6 days/5 nights/5 days riding. Shorter stays between 2 and 4 days also available.
  • Approximate riding time per day: 4-6 hours
  • Meeting point: The meeting point is at the stables
  • Riding Ability Required: From novice onwards. Riders should be able to mount and dismount unaided.
  • Usual Group Size: 1-6. Private groups of up to 12 can be arranged.
  • Transfer: Transfers from the airport can be arranged through Banff Airporter or through us. From $118 per person return.
Horse at Local Tope
from $1,979
Superb getaway incorporating all the cultural aspects of the Guanacaste ranching region in Costa Rica
Departure Dates:
  • On request: November to July - High Season; August to Sept - Low Season
  • Trip Length: 8 days / 7 nights / 6 days riding
  • Approximate riding time per day: 3 to 5 hours
  • Meeting point: Liberia airport, Costa Rica
  • Riding Ability Required: Must be able to walk, trot and canter comfortably. Min age 10
  • Usual Group Size: 2-7
  • Transfer: Included from meeting point. Transfer time approx. 30 minutes
Tortoise on Galapagos Cruise
from Price on enquiry
An intimate tour of the ecological wonder of the Galapagos Islands, an ideal add-on to any of our Ecuador rides.
Departure Dates:
  • Trip Length: 4, 5, 6, 8 or 15 days
  • Approximate riding time per day:
  • Meeting point: Seymore Airport, Baltra
  • Riding Ability Required:
  • Usual Group Size: 1-16
  • Transfer:
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