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Bhutan Himalayan Monastery Trail
from $3,479
A cultural adventure in the Himalayan mountains visiting ancient monasteries and meeting local people in the land of happiness. Staying in a variety of accommodations including hotels, farm houses and camping, this tour combines horse riding with trekking and sight-seeing to include all the best Bhutan has to offer.
Departure Dates:
  • 2018: 15 - 27 September (exploratory)
  • Trip Length: 12 days/11 nights/6 days riding
  • Approximate riding time per day: 3-4 hours
  • Meeting point: Paro Airport
  • Riding Ability Required: Novice onwards. Riders should have a good level of fitness and a sense of adventure.
  • Usual Group Size: 2-6
  • Transfer: Included from meeting point.
Horse riding in Abysinnia Ethiopia
from $3,605
Highlights of Ethiopia including Lalibella and riding on the Ethiopian Highlands with the semi nomadic Oromo people. Amazing and unusual trip.
Departure Dates:
  • 2018 Explorer: 23 November (arrival in Addis Ababa 24 November)
  • 2018 Lalibela: 21 November (Lalibela extension takes place before the ride)
  • Trip Length: 14d /13n /8d riding
  • Approximate riding time per day: 4-7 hours
  • Meeting point: Addis Ababa (ADD)
  • Riding Ability Required: Ability to walk, trot and canter
  • Usual Group Size: 6-10
  • Transfer: Included from Addis Ababa. Transfer time is approximately 20 minutes
Riding in wild Lesotho
from $2,859
An exploratory ride crossing Lesotho from south to north across the highest mountains passes for adventurous and experienced riders. This maiden ride will follow trails ridden by local horsemen and be a real discovery trip. A range of accommodations are used, sampling the different options available to the intrepid traveler in Lesotho.
Departure Dates:
  • 2018: 4 - 13 September (exploratory)
  • Trip Length: 10 day/9 nights/8 days riding
  • Approximate riding time per day: 6-8 hours
  • Meeting point: O. R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg (JNB)
  • Riding Ability Required: Intermediate onwards. Riders must be comfortable at all paces, have experience riding over rough terrain and have an adventurous nature.
  • Usual Group Size: 6-8
  • Transfer: Not included, price to be confirmed
Riding in Baikal lake
from $2,509
An adventurous horse riding holiday through the stunning and unique landscape around Baikal Lake. In the wilderness of Siberia, this trail explores forests and mountains once home to the Kurumakan culture and visits some of the ancient petroglyphs that still remain. Includes a tour of Moscow and option to travel on Trans-Siberian Railway. Camping and guesthouse accommodation with Russian and Asian cuisine.
Departure Dates:
  • 2018: 9 - 21 August
  • Trip Length: 13d/12n/6 days riding
  • Approximate riding time per day: 5-6 hours
  • Meeting point: Moscow DME
  • Riding Ability Required: Intermediate onwards. Must be able to walk, trot and canter and have experience riding over rough terrain.
  • Usual Group Size: max 6
  • Transfer: Included from Moscow DME airport for flights arriving at 14:15 on Day 1. Transfer to Irkutsk airport on Day 13 arriving approx. 16:00 included.
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