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Gallop in Moon Valley Oct 2011
from $3,875

Ride through spectacular and dramatic landscapes made up of salt basins (salares), sand and lava flows, following 2 natural river systems from the high Andes which cut deep canyons into the sandstone, attracting a surprising variety of wildlife.

Travel the route from Calama to San Pedro de Atacama, a natural oasis, while camping in tents under brilliant clear skies. The ride is at all paces through challenging terrain on excellent Criollo horses. An incredible adventure that isn't too hot due to the 6,000ft altitude. See Atacama videos on YouTube2023 PRICE TO BE CONFIRMED

Riding in the desert in Egypt
from $1,515

Head to Egypt for year-round sun and fantastic beach and desert riding on spirited Arab horses. The ideal break for families or riders who are travelling with non-riding companions, this destination offers luxury 5-star hotel accommodation alongside resort activities, camel riding, boat trips and 3 hours riding per day.

Some of the colourful havallis of Rajasthan seen en-route
from $2,369

A riding holiday on Mawari horses through the Aravalli Desert and hills visiting Ranakpur Jain Temples, Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Fort.

Canter in the desert on Marwari horses
from $4,085

Visit and stay in some of the finest Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan over the Christmas and New Year holidays. After a fantastic ride on Christmas Day, spend the night in a luxury tented camp with a bonfire under the stars  while the horses rest nearby. The Marwari horses are bold, fit and fast, making them the perfect companions.. Accommodation and service levels throughout this holiday are high and this is a real luxury experience. Many of the hotels are converted palaces or mansions, and even when camping in remote areas, riders can be sure of a hot shower and a comfortable bed every night.

Mawari riding display
from $3,655

Visit the colourful Naguar fair on horseback. Ride through Rajasthan on fine Mawari horses. For intermediate riders onwards.

Pushkar Fair
from $4,099

See rural India from the back of warmblooded Marwari horses, stay in fine forts and palaces, visit colourful fairs and see the sights of Jaipur and Delhi. For those who like adventure with comfort.

Riding in India
from $4,605

An all-round itinerary of Indian highlights and an exciting riding on warmblooded Marwari horses while staying in historic accommodation. This is for riders who enjoy both adventure and comfort.

Enjoying a Canter
from $2,895

Ride Marwari horses through Rajasthan staying at historic forts and palaces and fully serviced campsite. For intermediate riders onwards.

Cantering in the desert
from $1,969

Discover the ancient wonders of Jordan on this 9-day trail. Ride from the mountainous area of Petra to the vast sand plains and steep rock formations of Wadi Rum. Enjoy long canters on enthusiastic and forward going horses, accommodation is in a combination of hotels and basic camping under the stars in the desert. 

Hunting Eagle
from $4,385

Fantastic adventure in remote western Mongolia from beginner onwards, vehicle supported camping trip with great guides. Visit the Eagle Festival and join hundreds of nomads gathered to watch and compete as the hunters show off their skills.

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