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Mexico - Oaxaca Discovery

It was an absolutely wonderful experience!

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Review received from ES of Montrose on 21/04/2018

Mexico - Oaxaca Discovery

Wonderful! Terrific horses in excellent shape ( they are endurance horses), great terrain, fascinating history, beautiful weather, comfortable accommodations, terrific meals, just 1/2 hour outside Oaxaca but feels like 200 years ago! Donkey & oxen carts, dirt roads, wide open spaces! And Mary Jane is the ideal guide— a great horsewoman, funny, smart, knowledgeable about local customs and history— she immigated to Mexico from Canada 30 years ago. She has an excellent staff caring for the horses, great equipment, and was very helpful in finding out what we wanted to do. Her selection of horses for us was perfect.

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Review received from AS of Montrose on 21/04/2018

UK - Caledonian Intensive Tuition

I had such a good time that I did not want to go home! Everyone is so very friendly and made me feel very welcome. The food was great, I had a lovely room, the horses and staff/instructors were brilliant.

I will most definitely be going back!!!!!

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Review received from DD of Oban on 19/04/2018

Portugal - Western Style Algarve

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Review received from WT of Hemsley on 15/04/2018

UK - Caledonian Tuition and Trails

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Review received from SL of Domodossola on 14/04/2018

USA - Arizona, Tucson Ranch

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Review received from CT of Thornbury on 14/04/2018

Israel - Makhtesh Ramon Trail

RE the Exploratory!
I really liked it! They were a charming family and the Alpaca farm was such a nice place to stay. The accommodation was great, as was the scenery, food, friendliness of staff, etc. It was particularly good for vegetarians, which could be a great selling point as not all of your trips are able to offer vegetarian food as easily. I loved my horse, Buck, that I had for the first 2 days – he was perfect, but sadly had sore feet and had to be rested after. The subsequent horses were also lovely but Buck was my favourite. The short ride on the third day, my horse was pregnant – I’m sure it was probably okay but I just didn’t want to kick at all so we went along a bit slowly! After that I had Elon – a little bit nutty but he settled down – I would say he was for experienced riders only; and finally Romy – also nice but also not easypeasy (but absolutely fine). So overall, I’m not sure how well they would cater for beginners or less confident riders, although they assured us they could!

I think what I like/am used to differed a little from Nicky and Karen as my favourite part by far was the 2-day 100km crater ride with the camping overnight. Nicky will have told you her thoughts but I think they thought this was a bit intense. I think it would depend on your customer – this would either be way too much for some people but could also be the main attraction for others! I thought it was great. As an aside, the tack, girth checks, safety etc all seemed to be good and they made sure we had regular water stops and plenty opportunity for photo and loo stops etc. Nothing was ever too much trouble and Ilan knew tonnes about the area, plants, animals, geology etc. Sharon was lovely! Think Ilan asked her if she could be involved if this takes off which would definitely be a good thing.

I think some of the positives could become negatives with a larger group and would need to be pinned down a bit more – as in, it was very laidback, flexible, and free and easy in terms of arrangements and itinerary. This worked well with 3 people but wouldn’t be so good for people who like to know exactly what’s what and when or with more people. Likewise, the cabin was excellent for 3 people but wouldn’t want to be in there with too many more people.

So overall, I would definitely recommend this trip to others – depending on the itinerary! I think they could adapt it to different levels of experience and adventuress-ness – you could definitely make a relaxing farm break with day rides. But the crater ride is also a really great experience!

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Review received from LM of London on 13/04/2018

Spain - Catalan Long Weekend Two Beaches

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Review received from EB of west sussex on 13/04/2018

France - Atlantic Coast Trek

The holiday was delightful from start to finish!! Michel and Anette were wonderful hosts and I couldn't have had a better time!!

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Review received from EG of Ft. Collins on 10/04/2018

Ireland - Castle Leslie

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Review received from JB of Dubai on 05/04/2018

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