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Portugal - Algarve Western Style

Amazing just like 8 years ago.
Great hosts and amazing horses

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Review received from LC of Wimborne on 22/10/2021

Spain - Andalusian Mountain Retreat

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Review received from LR of Sutton Bonington on 22/10/2021

UK - Bodmin Poldark Trail

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Review received from AC of Roxburghshire on 20/10/2021

Norway - Lofoten Islands Northern Lights

What a wonderful and very well organised trip!

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Review received from MT of Bonn on 18/10/2021

Jordan - Wadi Rum Desert Trail

It was amazing! I had a great time and loved every minute of it. Fantastic riding on beautiful, energetic and lovely horses - should say horse, I really enjoyed mine and trusted her every step of the way.

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Review received from CM of Kensworth on 16/10/2021

Italy - Umbrian Adventure and Trails

Excellent. I will definitely book to go there again.

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Review received from SF of Barkway on 14/10/2021

Jordan - Wadi Rum Desert Trail

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Review received from KV of New York on 14/10/2021

Portugal - Panoramic Plateau

An outstanding experience - rides through spectacular countryside on very beautifully schooled horses. Accommodation was superbly unique and food delicious. I enjoyed every minute.

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Review received from AS of Jacobsdal on 13/10/2021

Spain - Catalan Culture & Beach Trail

Amazing point-to-point riding trip! Fun fast riding on high quality horses well matched to the riders.

Ramon and Anne are truly amazing hosts that make you feel at home at their beautiful estate/stables (really stunning place, with a beautiful view on the pastures of the horses and the mountains in the back and - not unimportantly - a nice pool in the garden!), while at the same time making sure you get most out of the riding. Ramon does not speak much English, but with the help of Anne will ask every rider on the first evening what kind of horse they would like to ride and what your riding experience is. He matched every rider up perfectly! I asked for a forward going but brave horse and got Saeta (partly Arabian/partly Spanish breed) and she is a true gem. Small in size, but quick as lightning and did not flinch at anything (even when a high speed train passed us from behind with not more than 10 meter in between...) What a horse!
What I really liked is that you saddle your own horse from the first ride on the first day and that everyone gets instruction on how to attach the saddlebags properly, what to bring (brush/hoof pick) etc. and that those who need help with saddling, also get that to make sure you are able to prepare your horse yourself the rest of the week. This makes you bond with your horse a lot quicker in my experience.. During lunch, the horses get fed and watered (the latter as much as they like from the mobile water tank, which you also help out with:) and get a break from their saddle/tack as well while the riders also get a short siesta after lunch (so no ride for people that don't like to prepare their own horse themselves or are afraid to get their hands dirty ;)

The ride takes you over diverse terrain (from long straight sandy lanes, to rocky and hilly terrain, beach, forest, meadows, apple orchards, through a river and through idyllic Spanish villages etc.) and is fun and fast at times. Beautiful diverse ride! However as you are riding 5 to 6 hours day, it cannot be fast all the way which is normal if you ask me. Our guide was fun and an amazing rider/horse person (she also spoke 3 languages fluently> English, Spanish and Czech).

The only thing I could fault this particular ride on was perhaps concern for safety.. Our guide did not look behind her that much or gave any instruction as to best order of horses/ which horses should not be close to each other etc. (thankfully we had a competent group and no bad riders). When riding in the back you would not really be aware/informed when a canter was coming up as she just started and everyone followed (so everyone was careful picking up cameras or water bottles haha). We did hear later that the route had to be amended slightly during our week (due to a hotel being closed) which did not make things easier for our guide as she was already dealing with a bigger group than normal and having to check the new route etc. As the week progressed we did get use to this system and the group came more in sync with each other which helped a lot. Such nice people and so much fun we had in the evenings! :)

The hotels are diverse, the home-base is beautiful and the first hotel during our route was also amazing and luxurious, the other hotels during the week were more basic but very clean and with everything you would need. The food was great and 5-stars for Albert who did all the logistics for the horses and people (bringing and setting up lunch, taking care of the horses/hooves (blacksmith on route where needed), setting up the paddocks for the night along the way etc.) Lunch was amazing, very diverse, a lot of Spanish local products, fruit and of course a very welcome glass of red wine or beer (aside from the water/coke of course).

I will definitely return to Ramon and Anne's place to try one of the other rides they offer, 5 -star holiday!

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Review received from LH of NOORDWIJK on 11/10/2021

Greece - Treasures of Southern Rhodes

Great holiday, lots of time to relax and some lovely rides in the afternoons. The ranch was a very relaxing place to spend time with hammocks and seating areas and sunbeds next to spall pool. Lots of wild deer. Horses and dogs roaming free. Very peaceful. The scenery on the rides was stunning and we enjoyed exploring the area on horseback.

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Review received from RL of New Haw on 10/10/2021

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