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Horses in river
from US $3,215

Join this equestrian point-to-point trail for intermediate horseback riders upward, riding with a herd of free-running horses in the remote, sparsely populated far North of Iceland, the land of the Midnight Sun. 

Riders looking out
from US $3,019

Visit the best known sights in Iceland on this equestrian vacation. Ride on horseback through the Geysir Hot Spring area and the Golden Waterfall Gullfoss, in the traditional way with a herd of horses. Comfortable accommodation each night. This popular equestrian tour is ideal for families and those who do not have the required horseback riding experience for the highland tours.

View of Glacier Trail
from US $3,205

An adventurous equestrian trail vacation with splendid views of the glacier Langjökull and horseback riding alongside the glacier fed lake, Hvítárvatn, with its floating icebergs.

Horses Galore!
from US $2,319

Experience the traditional of Icelandic Autumn horse herding. On this adventurous equestrian vacation, horseback riders feel really involved in the culture and history of this fascinating country by taking part in the round up of hundreds of horses.

Horse and young rider on Icelandic Farm
from US $399 per night

A great introduction to horseback riding in Iceland with moderate riding hours and comfortable farm accommodation. This equestrian vacation is perfect for families with children, or novices who would like to experience horseback riding in the beautiful Icelandic countryside.

Riding on the Kings Trail in Iceland
from US $3,309

Take an equestrian vacation across Iceland´s western highlands, from the beautiful Vatnsdalur Valley in the north to the shrine of the nation, Þingvellir in the south. Follow the footsteps of Icelandic people who rode these paths to visit their King back in 1907 on quality Icelandic horses at a smooth tölt, staying in local farms and mountain cabins along the way. Experience the thrill of horseback riding alongside a herd of 60-90 free-running horses, the traditional Icelandic way of traveling. 

Riding along the beach
from US $2,085

This is an incredible shorter horseback trail ride through the varied landscapes of the north west of Iceland while accompanying a herd of horses crossing lakes and rivers and riding through valleys. Guests return to a comfortable farmhouse for accommodation each night.

Riding in the Mountains in Iceland
from US $3,445

This equestrian trail ride in Southern Iceland features the spectacular volcanic landscape of Mount Hekla, the so-called 'Queen of Iceland', an active fissure vent and strata-volcano . Stay in remote mountain cabins with horseback riding along the valley of the glacial river Bjorsa. Get close to the glacier and experience the geothermal wonderland of Landmannalaugar. 

Crossing a river with a herd of horses
from US $2,935

This equestrian vacation is perfect for advanced riders, and takes place in the North of Iceland, known for its spectacular natural sights and diverse landscapes. Enjoy horseback riding along soft riding tracks ideal for “tölting”, the unique extra gait of the Icelandic Horse, seeing volcanoes, beaches and geothermal pools along the way. This tour was nominated by the Sunday Times as one of the 10 best horseback trails in the world.

Iceland Northern Lights Short Break
from US $1,495

A horseback riding vacation in the wilderness outside of Reykjavik with a chance to spot the elusive Northern Lights - and enjoy the legendary nightlife of Iceland's capital. Also ideal for non-riders .

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