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These adventure tours are escorted by a member of the Unicorn Trails team. You are accompanied by an experienced tour leader. This truly is a worry-free way to travel.

Exploratory rides are to new destinations and we cannot guarantee what we will find but we will surely experience something unique. The small groups are made up of like-minded individuals and are great fun.

On our return we usually have another meeting where we share pictures and videos and of course discuss if another holiday could possibly compare!



Riding in IranIran Exploratory - Gashqai Trail  (confirmed, 1 place left)

10-21 October 2016 with David LO Smith

Starting in southern Shiraz we ride for 6 days on Persian Dareshori horses from the green plains, via desert landscapes and into the mountains where we encounter the nomadic Qashqai people before they trek north in November. Then 4 days in comfortable hotels visiting the main sights of Persia including Persepolis.

Oromo people riding on the Sanetti Plateau in EthiopiaEthiopia - Abyssinian Explorer (confirmed, 4 places left)

22 November - 5 December 2016 with John Williamson

Riding in traditional style on local horses we ascend from a starting point of 2,400m through various eco systems and dramatic scenery to the Sanetti Plateau at 4,300m. Here we can see the rare Abyssinian Wolf, Menelik's Bushbuck, Mountain Nyala and encounter nomadic Oromos with their herds of cattle, goats and sheep.
Optional extension to visit Lalibela, a religious treasure unique in the world, the spirited high place of Abyssinia. The site embraces several dozen churches cut into the rock, still frequented with fervour by Coptic Christians. This is an adventure of a lifetime for intermediate riders onwards.

Crossing the Andes Mountains on horsebackChile to Argentina - Across the Andes  (confirmed, 6 places left)

28 December 2016 - 5 January 2017 with Sarah Ritchie

The ultimate challenge - cross the High Andes along the remote historic route. 
“...what does not allow me to sleep well is, not the strength of our enemy army, but crossing these immense mountains” - Don José de San Martín to José María Guido, 14 June, 1816. In 2016 we run an historic bicentenary of this epic trip cross the Andes on horseback, following the route taken by San Martín in 1817 to free the people of Chile. This legendary crossing is the trip of a lifetime. The wilderness is flanked by the highest mountains in America, Mount Aconcagua (20,900ft.) and Mount Mercedario (20,700 ft.) These are uninhabited places, accesible only on horseback, where huge herds of guanacos roam and the Andean condors nest. This is a classic trek and a "must do" ride for all serious adventure riders.

Riding on the beach in OmanOman Exploratory (confirmed, 2 places left)

22-29 January 2017 with Mary Wright

An adventurous exploratory trip to a little known and authentic middle eawstern destination for some winter sunshine! Fast-paced riding on warm blooded Arab horses through the desert, this is a point to point trail starting in the desert and finishing on the powder-white sands of the sea at Musanah. En route we camp in the desert for 6 nights finishing with a night in the Millenium Resort on the coast.

Riding in KazakstanKazakhstan Exploratory

10 - 26 June 2017 with Sarah Ritchie (exact date may change slightly)

Venture into the wilderness of Katon-Karagay National Park, an undiscovered paradise found in the far east of Kazakhstan. Here you'll find a beautiful and rarely visited region of forests, lakes and high mountains. Close to the Russian and Chinese borders. This remote wilderness area is best accessed by riding and using pack horses.

These trek is still exploratory, so you do need to be prepared for adventure! Once the horses, local team, food and equipment have been assembled, the trip is as non-itinerised as possible - days in the saddle could be long and the path unknown but that is what this adventure is all about; trying out different routes and really exploring the area to its full potential.

Northern Exposure Trail in IcelandIceland - Northern Exposure

9 - 16 July 2017 with Fiona Turnbull (exact date may change slightly)

Join Fiona on the tour nominated by the Sunday TImes as one of the 10 best trail rides in the world!
We ride in traditional Icelandic style with a herd of free horses from Húsavík to the Lake Mývatn area, famous for its volcanic features and rich birdlife. Ásbyrgi Canyon, Dettifoss (Europe’s largest waterfall) and the strange rock formations at Hljóðaklettar are just some of the gems of nature you'll see on this amazing tour.

From rich green pastureland head towards the mountains sleeping in basic mountain huts with shared facilities. Through an area scarred with cracks and fissures from earthquakes and volcanic activity the route will then take you to Lake Mývatn where bubbling mud pools and eerie lava formations are a reminder of the powerful energy right beneath your feet. Bathe in the warm geothermal water of the outdoor pool at the Mývatn Nature Baths. An optional whale watching tour concludes the selection of natural attractions on and off shore.

Family safari in KenyaKenya - Sosian Lodge

20-27 August 2017 with Louise Holloway (date may change slightly)

Big game, untouched tribes and stunning landscapes combine to produce what is often described as the holiday of a life time.

Sosian is a 24,000 acre private wildlife conservancy which prides itself on managing a unique blend of tourism, conservation and traditional cattle ranching in Laikipia’s highlands. Accommodation manages to be extremely comfortable, almost luxurious, while maintaining a warm and homelike atmosphere making for an extremely relaxing stay. The warm and welcoming hosting dedicated to making sure everyone has the holiday of their dreams is one of the main reasons for the enduring popularity of this game experience. The ranch lies at high altitude (5,500 ft), which makes for a perfect climate with no record of malaria. Riders wishing to have a relaxed adventure, travelling with non-riding companions or families in school holiday season will find few better places in Kenya.

Datum: 23 December 2016  – 6 January 2017

Mary Wright
 Följ med på en riktigt häftig resa med storslagen jeepsafari i Krügerparken & en
äventyrlig ridresa bland bergen i Mpumalanga. Här strövar vildhästarna fritt och
naturen är helt storslagen!. Naturupplevelser, safari, fågelskådning, grillning och mysiga
kvällar vid elden där vi njuter av Afrikas alla läten. Hästar & ridning är fantastiskt
ICKE RIDANDE kan mycket väl följa med på resan och får andra aktiviteter!
Detta är 20 året som vi arrangerar specialgrupper till Sydafrika över Jul & Nyår och
programmen är lite nya och annorlunda varje år. Denna resa har fokus på riktigt bra
ridning & hästar med ett par olika ställen att bo på för att kunna rida i olika områden
och bjuda på fantastiska naturupplevelser vilket inte ges om man bara bokar en resa.
Resan inkluderar jeepsafari en dag i Krügerparken med möjlighet att se THE BIG FIVE
(elefant, lejon, leopard, buffel & noshörning), men också mycket mer av det vilda
djurlivet. Tillfälle ges att komma riktigt nära djuren och se dem från jeep.
Resan fortsätter med inkvartering på hästgården bland bergen och ytterligare 2 andra
camper i storslagna lägen med fin utsikt! Högklassig ridning och fin utsikt varje dag!
Här strövar hästarna fritt och det finns vildhästar som lever i bergen som kan ses från
Datum för resan i år: 23/12 från Stockholm, Göteborg eller Köpenhamn. Hemresa 5/1 från
Johannesburg, landar i Sverige 6/1.

Kenya - Masai Mara

29 October - 10 November 2016 with Mary Wright

Special escorted Masai Mara departure at £1000 discount! For experienced riders only, this is the Full Monty and a must do ride for any serious rider.