Horse riding holiday Baikal Lake
Horseback vacation Baikal Lake
Horse riding holiday Russia
Horseback vacation Russia
Horse riding holiday Baikal Lake
Horse riding holiday Siberia
Riding and city holiday Russia
Horseback vacation Baikal Lake
Cultural horse riding tour Moscow
Wilderness horse riding holiday Russia
Wilderness horseback vacation Russia
Cultural horseback vacation Moscow
Horseback vacation Siberia

Join us for an exciting and exclusive new horse riding holiday to Baikal Lake in the wilds of Siberia. The locals used to call Baikal Lake a place of power, and it is easy to see why. Formed 25-30 million years ago, the lake contains 22-23% of the world’s fresh surface water and in terms of volume is the largest freshwater lake in the world. The water is also unbelievably clear. Starting with a tour of Moscow, you then board the world-famous Trans-Siberian Railway to travel to Irkutsk close to the lake. The horseback trail has been specially designed to include all the best bits of the area, mixing culture and adventure in this stunning landscape. The Valley of the Sleeping Spirits, the warm bays of the Small Sea, the island of the Stupa of Enlightenment and Mount Eke Yord are just some of the locations on the ride.

Unique Tazheran forest-steppes rise up from shores of Baikal Lake to cover picturesque hills and cliffs, and even the peaks of the Baikal Mountains. The ride takes you through this endemic Godlevsky Larch and up in to the Tazheran Massif. Try to spot some of the 150 different minerals present between Orso Bay and Ulan-Nur bay, or simply marvel at the ancient caves and mineral lakes that can be discovered on this ride. Locals believe the lakes have medicinal properties and will bathe in the waters to cure all manner of ailments.

Learn about the disappeared Kurumakan culture who lived amongst the pine forests and mountain sides that you pass through, exploring ancient sites and visiting the ancient petroglyphs at Sagan-Zaba Cape. The locally bred horses make easy work of the steep terrain, and unlike SUVs and ATVs, leave no lasting impact on this remarkable environment. Accommodation is in twin person tents for most of the trail, with a few nights in local guesthouses at the beginning and end.

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This is an exploratory trip and riders must be prepared for changes to the itinerary at short notice

Day 1 (9 August)
You will be met at the airport at approximately 14:30 and transferred to the very heart of Moscow (approx. 1.5 hours). You will have a tour of Moscow (walking or driving or a combination depending on time, entrance tickets not included). A walking tour will include sights such as Kremlin Tverskaya Street, the Bolshoi Theatre, the former KGB building, Alexander's Gardens and Arbat Street. A driving tour will visit sights such as Lover’s Bridge, Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Victory Park, Novodevichy convent and Moscow State University, a stunning example of Stalinist architecture, and Sparrow Hills, the highest point in the city where you get an incredible panoramic view. Dinner will be in a Russian restaurant. Transfer to the train station where you board the world-famous Trans-Siberian railway (please note tickets are not included in the ride cost, we can help you buy these separately). You will take a late train, either the 23:45, 23:55 or 00:35 depending on ticket availability, and set off across the vast Russian landscape.

Day 2, 3 and 4.
You will spend the next 3 days on the train, but don’t worry, you won’t get bored. Watching the incredible panoramas slide past you begin get a feeling for the immensity of this country. The taiga becomes pretty mesmerising as you pass through forests of larch, silver fir, pine and birch. In the clearings you will spot villages that could be straight out of a Levitan painting. Life in these little pockets must be completely different to the city you have left behind. It is strongly recommended that you book 1st class tickets for the train, this will give you a closed compartment with 2 bunk beds giving you some privacy and a quiet space when you want one. Second class tickets are in the open common area, where the beds are folded into seats during the day. Food is not included with the ticket but there is a restaurant car on board and you can often buy food at the stations when the train stops along the way. Make sure you know how long the stop is though and don’t walk too far – you don’t want the train to leave without you!
On the way to Irkutsk the train crosses the Ural Mountains, the natural divide between Europe and Asia. Keep an eye out for the white obelisk which marks this boundary. The train snakes it’s way through the heavily logged Sayan Mountains as you chat to your fellow travellers, play cards, and generally rediscover life without the internet.

Day 5 (13 August)
The train arrives to Irkutsk in the early morning local time (the trains always operate on Moscow time). From the train you switch to a car to get to the lake itself. The trip to Baikal, to the area of the Small Sea will take about 4 hours with stops for rest. You will arrive at your accommodation at a tourist base where there will be time to have a stretch, relax, enjoy the fresh air, and have some lunch. In the afternoon you will receive a briefing and set out for your first ride to Mount Shebiet. It is an incredible introduction to your tour with the unforgettable sights of the Small Sea: the Camel and the Sleeping Dog, the remains of the walls of the ancient Cuirkan hillfort, the picturesque coves of the Kurkutsk Gulf and the beautiful panorama of Lake Baikal, which opens from the top of Cape Shabite. Once back at the accommodation the horses go for their dinner while you take a sunset boat trip out to some of the islands on the Small Sea. Enjoy a traditional Russian meal around a campfire and watch the starts come out.

Day 6
It’s an early start today for breakfast before a day exploring the island of Olkhon. You go by car as the island is accessed by ferry via the strait of ‘Olkhon Gates’. The day’s programme takes you to Khodai mountain and on to Khuzhir village. Here you can do a bit of souvenir shopping and visit a museum of the history of the island. There are some incredible views of Cape Burhan to enjoy before carrying on to the beaches of Peschanaya bay. A picnic lunch is served on the shores of Baikal, then it is back in the car to Cape Sagan-Khushun (Three Brothers) and Cape Khoboy. This is the northernmost point of the island from which you can see the picturesque view of Baikal ridge, Svyatoi Nos peninsula and the Ushkanii islands. After seeing all this beauty you will take the ferry back to your accommodation for dinner. Useful things: warm clothes; headwear; sport shoes; money for souvenirs, for fish and for the museum.

Day 7
After breakfast you pack up, mount up and set out along the hilly shores of the Small Sea. Although you will not cover a huge distance today, there are many ascents and descents along the route presenting different views as you go. There will be time to enjoy the warm coves and sandy beaches hidden amongst the undulations and swim in the bays, so remember your swimwear and towel! The beauty of Baikal is all around you today as you ride to Mukhorsky Bay. This cove is not accessible by vehicle so you can almost guarantee it will be deserted when you arrive, except of course for the wonderful support team who will have everything ready and waiting for you. Dinner is served and you have the evening to relax by the fire.

Day 8
Today’s day ride is much longer now that you have had a chance to get used to your horse, guides and the terrain. Your path lies beneath the Pribaikalsky ridge along the forest boundary. You will pass through the wonderful meadows near the Buryat village of Shar-tovot (Chernorud), until you reach a cosy valley where a cascade of beautiful salt lakes lies among hills and larch groves. The lakes all have different compositions: saline, radon, sulphide-sodium. Many locals still believe the waters and mud here can be used as treatments for many things from diseases of the spine to equalizing blood pressure – if you want to try them out for yourself you are welcome to! You will meet the back-up team by a small car park on the shore of one of the lakes to set up camp and relax for a bit. You then mount up again to ride to a small roadside café for an excellent Buryat dinner.

Day 9
This day is full of interesting objects worthy of attention and you will have plenty of opportunities to dismount and explore each new wonder as they appear. The aim today is to get to the "real" Baikal, spacious and boundless. It will be a pleasant and easy hike through the Tazheran mountain forest steppe. Tazheran steppe is a very unusual because of the taiga (forest) and high mountainous lakes. This is a climate zone with unique fauna, flora and a rare mountain-steppe landscape. You will follow the coast to the "Mechta" cave (if you wish you may follow it underground a short way) and examine the settlement of the primitive man in the Badin caves. You will walk along the Valley of Sleeping Spirits to the boulders of "Gate of Tazheran", "Two Shamans", and "Heart of the Steppe". The shores in this part of the lake are high, so you will walk down to the bay along the trail leading the horses (approx. 1.5km). When you reach the cosy, deserted Arso cove the horses are fed and watered. Then you can rest, bathe in the lake, and enjoy the surrounding beauty. Dinner and time for rest.

Day 10
Today is your longest day of riding, so make sure you have a good breakfast before setting out. However, for the most part the going is comfortable and smooth, so it will be possible to move at a faster pace. You will travel along the western shore of Lake Baikal through the tract of Organa, where yaks are bred. You can buy fresh milk and sour cream from Buryat herders near the ancient Ulan-Nur tract (the largest steppe lake and an old abandoned Buryat village with wooden eight-yurts). You will be spending the night on the shore of the sacred lake in the Aya bay. Descent into the bay is comfortable and gentle. The beach is sandy and big. In summer there can often be other campers in the bay, but your camp will be set up on the side-lines. While dinner is being prepared and afterwards, you will have free time to admire the spaciousness and power of Baikal or explore the caves. There are rock carvings which you can search for in this bay.

Day 11
After breakfast you will continue your route across the Anga River. The path lies next to the mountain Erd, which hosts the legendary Erdynian games. This is an important ritual feast for local residents. It takes place once every 4 years and draws together different peoples and generic shamans of the Baikal region. During the "Erdynian" dance, people join hands and make the ring around the mountain. This will be your last night camping as you settle down for dinner and one more evening by the fire. Overnight in tents in the Bay of Birkhin.

Day 12
After breakfast you will set out for your last day of riding around Baikal. The terrain starts changing as you approach the taiga. You will make a stop not far from the famous sacred place of Baikal - the White marble cliff of Sagan-Zaba where you will have lunch. The cliff was discovered by the researcher Okladnikov and became known due to the large number of rock paintings, the petroglyphs of Sagan-Forza, depicting dancing shamans crowned with horns, running deer and swans. You finally arrival at Krestovskaya bay where you will stay overnight in accommodation at the recreation centre. There is a Russian sauna available here too. Enjoy a farewell diner with your fellow riders before bed.

Day 13
Have breakfast at the recreation centre before preparing for your departure to Irkutsk at 13:00 arriving at the airport at approximately 16:00.

Please note: All itineraries are given for your guidance only and it may be altered on the ground and in accordance with the prevailing conditions by the organising team.

Horses & Riding

The horses used on this trek are locally bred Baikal horses perfectly adapted to the terrain and climate. Horses range from 1.55m (15.1hh) to 1.70m (16.3hh) and have a range of temperaments to suit different riders.

The riding is mixed paces of walk, trot and canter over a variety of terrain. The trails include riding through forests and across mountainous terrain. On occasion it may be necessary to dismount and lead the horses across rocky terrain or over steep ground.

Rider requirements

For this exploratory programme riders must be experienced and have a good sense of adventure. Riders should be confident in walk, trot and canter, and be able to mount/dismount unaided. A good level of general fitness is advisable. There may be occasions where riders have to lead the horses and walk alongside them for up to an hour depending on conditions. The minimum age for the exploratory ride is 18 years. Please note that riding helmets are compulsory and you must take your own.

Weight Limit

The weight limit for this ride is 17 st/242 lb/110 kg, please enquire if you are an experienced rider exceeding this weight.

This programme has a mix of accommodation with the first 3 nights being in bunk beds on the train, 2 nights in a local 'homestead' accommodation with double and triple rooms and shared bathrooms. Along the trail accommodation is in 2-man tents with a bio-toilet, bio-shower and hot water available. Sleeping bags and blankets can be provided if requested in advance. Most camps will be close to the lake or a river for swimming in.

Meals will be Russian or Asian cuisine, if you have any preferences please let us know before the tour. A typical breakfast would be porridge, bread, butter, omelette, yoghurt, chocolate and nuts. Lunch will be brought by one of the support vehicles and will include sandwiches, meats, cheeses, salad, nuts, tea and coffee. Dinner will be cooked in camp and will usually consist of traditional Russian dishes such as borsch and dumplings with salad, water, tea and coffee.

Vegetarian or other dietary requirements can be accommodated with advanced notice. Please contact Unicorn Trails with requests.

Documents - Visa and Consulate Info

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct documentation in place for your trip. If Visa’s are required the requirements can change from year to year depending on diplomatic relations. Please request information from the appropriate Consulate in your home country. Unicorn Trails will assist with any questions you have or supply any necessary supporting documents as required by the consulate on request. Almont Visas also provide information and services to assist visa applications

General information:

Visas are required to enter Russia. Make sure you apply for the correct type and duration of visa and that you abide by the conditions of your visa. Tourist visas usually take 10 working days to issue, but during periods of high demand, for example during the summer holidays, you should apply for your visa well in advance. If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland you should apply to the Russian Embassy in London. If you live in Scotland, you should apply to the Russian Consulate General in Edinburgh. The Embassy in London can normally process visas in 10 working days, and you can submit an application by post or in person. If you want to get a visa more quickly it is possible to queue in person and pay an extra fee, though the numbers processed in this way per day are limited.

All applicants over the age of 12 will need to visit a visa application centre to submit biometric data (scanned fingerprints). For further information see the Russian embassy website and the website of VFS Global who manage Russian visa applications.

You must have an exit visa to leave Russia. Most entry visas include an exit visa. Before you travel to Russia ensure that you are aware of the terms and conditions attached to your visa and check that the dates and details which have been entered on your visa are correct. If you intend to stay longer, you should arrange an extension of your visa before it expires. If your passport has been lost/stolen while ashore and a replacement Emergency Travel Document is issued, or you plan to continue your journey by air or land, you must get a visa to leave Russia.

Overstaying your visa without authorisation from the Russian migration authorities can result in a delay to your departure from Russia, as well as possible, fines, court hearings, deportation and a ban from re-entry. Presenting documentation which contains incorrect information to immigration officials can lead to severe inconvenience and in some cases could result in refusal of entry.

If you’re staying for more than 7 working days you must register with the local branch of the Main Department for Migration Issues of the Ministry of Interior. Most major hotels will do this automatically. If you’re staying in private accommodation the owner of the property must do this for you.

If your passport has less than six months to run, you may be refused entry to Russia. You are advised to get a replacement passport before travelling. Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months after the expiry date of your visa.

If you’re travelling on a British passport issued since January 2017, you should make sure you’ve signed your passport before you travel. Some British nationals who haven’t signed their new passports have been denied entry into Russia.

On entering Russia you must sign a migration card, which is produced electronically at passport control in the major airports. Some airports may still require you to complete the migration card manually. You must complete a new migration card each time you enter Russia, even if you have a multiple entry visa.

The card is in two identical parts. One part will be retained by the Immigration Officer on arrival. You should keep the other part with your passport. You will need it when you leave Russia as well as if you’re stopped by the police for an ID check during your stay. There are many hotels and hostels that will not check in guests if they don’t have the immigration card with them. If you lose the second part of the card you’ll be fined and your departure from the country could be delayed.

The Russian Embassy in London can be found at: 6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8 4QP; Tel: + 44 (0)207-229-3628, + 44 (0)207-229-6412; Fax: +44(0)207-727-8625; E-mail:; Official (Embassy), section of the Embassy).

The British Embassy in Moscow can be found at: Smolenskaya Naberezhnaya 10, Moscow 121099; Tel: (7) (495) 956 7200; Fax: (7) (495) 956 7201; Website:

Dialling code for Russia is 7 and the time is between 3 and 12 hours ahead of GMT depending on location.

Climate Summary

Because large bodies of water retain heat longer than land, the climate around Lake Baikal is much milder than in the rest of southern Siberia. Even in the depths of winter the average air temperature is -21°C, compared with minimum temperatures of -90°C elsewhere in Siberia. However, it is only warm enough to ride during the central summer months. Temperatures are warm in the day often reaching the mid-20s, although it can cool off at night and take some time to warm up in the mornings. The lake freezes over from January until May, but its surface temperature in August can reach up to 15°C but if you do plan to go swimming it is best to check the water temperature and enter the water slowly to avoid shock.

Climate Chart

Since June 2016, foreign citizens can bring medication for personal use with them, as long as they don’t contain narcotic or psychoactive substances. All these drugs are listed on the Rossiyskaya Gazeta website (in Russian).

If your medication does contain highly potent or narcotic poisonous substances and you wish to bring it with you, you’ll need to provide a prescription in your name which has been translated into Russian, and then notarised (notarisation services in the UK are available from a Notary Public).

If you’re unsure whether you need to provide a prescription and notarised translation to bring your medicines into the country, you should check with the Russian Embassy in London or Consulate General in Edinburgh.

The reciprocal healthcare agreement between the UK and Russia terminated with effect from 1 January 2016. You should make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance. You should seek medical advice before travelling and ensure that all appropriate vaccinations are up to date. NHS Direct (0845 46 47) can provide you advice on vaccination requirements for Russia. Tap water is not drinkable anywhere in Russia. Caution should be exercised and local advice sought. Bottled mineral water is widely available.


Electricity: 220V 50HzHz. Electric Plug Details: European plug with two circular metal pins.

Film and Camera Equipment

There will be no electricity available on most nights so spare batteries and/or power packs to recharge cameras are a very good idea. Mobile phone and WiFi signal will only be available in the towns/cities.

Packing List

Riding helmets - compulsory
Boots suitable for riding and walking in.
Water bottles
Rain/wind proof gear are needed.
Mosquito repellent
Sun glasses


This is a 13 day/12 night exploratory programme with 7 days riding. You can choose to miss the Moscow tour and Trans-Siberian journey, flying direct to Irkutsk for a 9 day/8 night programme with 7 days riding (price remains the same).

Departure Dates

2018: 9 - 21 August

No single supplement payable if willing to share with someone of same sex. Should you wish to book a single room, please see supplement price below.
No of   
Riding days Product item description £
2018 Exploratory13d/12n6double pp1,959
No of   
Riding days Product item description
2018 Exploratory13d/12n6double pp2,189
No of   
Riding days Product item description $
2018 Exploratory13d/12n6double pp2,509
No of   
Riding days Product item description SEK
2018 Exploratory13d/12n6double pp22,689

There are about 65 fish species in the lake and more than half of these are endemic. A wide range of land mammals can be found around the lake including brown bears, wolves, red foxes, sable, stoat, moose, Siberian red deer, reindeer, Siberian roe deer, Siberian musk deer, wild boar, red squirrel, Siberian chipmunk, marmot, lemming and alpine hare.

Other Activities

There are a number of other activities based on and around the lake including kayaking and cycling. Irkutsk is on the Trans-Siberian rail line which gives access all across Russia, Mongolia and in to China.

Other Country Information

Russia is the largest country in the world, spanning 11 time zones. The landscape varies widely, from vast open tracts in the European heartlands and the taiga and tundra of Siberia, to mountainous terrain. Churchill's 'riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma' remains an apt description of Russia; most outsiders have only a hazy idea of its realities. A composite of the extravagant glories of old Russia and the drab legacies of the Soviet era, it's a country that both befuddles and beguiles. This is a land of snow and deadly winters, but also of rivers that meander across meadows and a midsummer sun that never sets. It has an area of 17,075,400 square kilometres and a population of 143,500,000 (2005). The capital city is Moscow.

Travel Summary

Meeting-point (getting there):
Moscow DME
Included from Moscow DME airport for flights arriving at 14:15 on Day 1. Transfer to Irkutsk airport on Day 13 arriving approx. 16:00 included.
Flight Guide:
London to Moscow from £240
Irkutsk to London from £240
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