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Albania Ancient Pathways
from $1,339

A diverse trail ride experiencing the local culture and warm Balkan hospitalityof local guesthouses. Faster riding in a remote and green area, encountering local landmarks and medieval monuments For intermediate riders onwards.

horse riding in Albania
from $1,465

A trail ride starting in very wild mountainous scenery with steep downhills to the Ionian Sea and back, a journey through medieval monuments, a communist past, and welcoming Balkan culture.

horse riding in Albania
from $1,879

A challenging riding experience with spectacular landscapes,swimming, canyons, medieval villages, traditional food and even some city nightlife! Accommodation in family guesthouses and two nights camping. For adventurous intermediate and advanced riders.

Horses in the snow
from $1,249

A week-long break combining 3 days of riding in changing landscapes with 3 days of local culture, thermal baths, archeological sites, and the Ionian coast. Experience the life of the shepherds of this rural, unspoiled region. The program offers unique experiences to explore the remote regions of the South, one of Europe's final unexplored territories.

Riding in Bulgaria
from $1,769

Plenty of cantering through amazing scenery dotted with ancient Thracian and Roman ruins. Sample delicious wines and enjoy spa opportunities. For intermediate riders onwards.

Riding in Bulgaria
from $1,489

A fantastic horse riding holiday in the famous Rhodopes mountains. This trail follows 150km of fabulous riding country. For intermediate riders onwards.

Riding the three mountains trail, Bulgaria
from $1,719

This exciting and fast-paced trail takes in three mountain ranges – Plana, Verila and Rila. Thrilling riding on board superb trail horses with an experienced guide, this trail is ideal for nature-loving intermediate riders.

Ride in the mountains of Croatia
from $1,215

Explore Croatia's secluded Dalmatian countryside of on this budget break for experienced riders. Enjoy delicious home-cooked meals, fast, thrilling riding, and friendly hosts on this delightful based stay. Escape the summer crowds and see a side of Croatia rarely explored by travelling to the spectacular, mountain interior of the Dalmatian region. 

the farm
from $565

A Based-stay with daily rides across the plains on lovely fit and responsive horses and lots of options for other excursions. Comfortable accommodation with ensuite double bedrooms and an onsite 'swimming pond'.

Fast riding over the Plains
from $1,615

A fast point to point trail ride across the plains on lovely fit and responsive horses. Accommodation in nice rural accommodations and wonderful holiday resorts with swimming pools.

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