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Argentina Estancia Los Potreros
from US $525 per night

Working cattle estancia near Cordoba, Argentina. Ride with gauchos and experience Argentine hospitality, lovely accommodation and learn to play polo. All levels.

Herding cattle in the Andes
from US $2,075

Visit the high Andes on the last truly authentic horseback cattle drives in the world This unique once-a-year equestrian cattle trail follows ancient Incan pathways and climbs to high-altitude grasslands at 3,000m, home of the condor. Help the gauchos drive the cattle into corrals and assist with sorting and branding. This equestrian adventure is for experienced riders who want a fully immersive experience of Argentinian culture. Accommodation is in mountain cabins with two nights in a hotel.

Gaucho and horses
from US $305 per night

Combine the essence of the Argentinian experiences: Ride on the pampas at all paces, learn cattle work from the gauchos on a working estancia, learn to play polo with the locals and visit Buenos Aires in one convenient holiday. This ride is aimed at riders and accompanying non-riders.

Cattle drive in Pantanal, Brazil
from US $4,349

This horseback riding holiday is sold exclusively by Unicorn Trails and combines the best of a wildlife safari and cattle work in the largest tropical wetland in the world. Forward going Pantaneiro horses, comfortable fazendas and a night in hammocks with plenty of cultural highlights make for a great equestrian vacation.

Riding on the prairie
from US $229 per night

This relaxed equestrian guest / cattle ranch in Saskatchewan has plenty to explore. Follow the horseback trails where the Blackfoot Indians once rode. Experience the cowboy way of life under the endless sky of the Canadian prairies and overnight in simple log cabins with en-suite rooms.

Horses at a mountain lake
from US $1,609

For countless centuries, herds of horses are moved to-and-from steep high summer grazing pastures below the snow-capped French and Italian alps. Join this tradition of transhumance, moving horses to their seasonal grazing on this memorable equestrian ride. Suitable for iintermediate horseback riders onwards with long riding days and guesthouse accommodation.

Horse Drive
from US $2,039

An extreme riding vaccation, driving approx 40 - 50 free running horses from their summer pastures in the mountains of Tusheti, across 250km of winding mountain roads, across vinyards, through villages, grasslands, and agricultural plains to the Vashlovani National Park where they spend the winter.  A keen sense of adventure, a good stomach for heights and riding fitness is essential, as large parts of the route are at trot and canter.  An experience of a lifetime awaits!

Horses Galore!
from US $2,309

Experience the traditional of Icelandic Autumn horse herding. On this adventurous equestrian vacation, horseback riders feel really involved in the culture and history of this fascinating country by taking part in the round up of hundreds of horses.

Herding sheep, Icelandic style
from US $2,199

Autumn sheep herding  is a tradition in Iceland. This is the perfect equestrian vacation for total involvement in the culture and history of this fascinating country. Taking part in the round-up of thousands of sheep is a horseback riding experience you won't forget.

Riding beneath the tower
from US $2,239

Stay in comfortable guest houses each night on this horseback trail from Maremma that offers the chance to ride with the Butteri (Italian cowboys) doing traditional cattle work. Fantastic horses ridden in Western tack and exceptional food and wine await you.

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