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Cantering in the Okavango Delta
from US $725 per night

Mobile camp equestrian adventure in the Okavango Delta, suitable for  intermediate and experienced riders onwards.

Elephant Spotting
from US $3,449

The Tuli Block is  home to a great diversity of wildlife species including large herds of elephant. This is a fast and exciting equestrian safari for confident intermediate horseback riders with comfortable accommodation in a variety of semi-permanent camps around the Mashatu Reserve. 

Cattle drive in Pantanal, Brazil
from US $4,349

This horseback riding holiday is sold exclusively by Unicorn Trails and combines the best of a wildlife safari and cattle work in the largest tropical wetland in the world. Forward going Pantaneiro horses, comfortable fazendas and a night in hammocks with plenty of cultural highlights make for a great equestrian vacation.

Beautiful ruska landscape
from US $3,515

Come enjoy the spectacular Fall colours of magical Lapland. Ride Finnish horses on this exciting horseback riding trail in the Arctic Circle and witness Finnish hospitality at its best.

Canter in the desert on Marwari horses
from US $4,455

Visit and stay in some of the finest Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan over the Christmas and New Year holidays on this unique equestrian vacation. The Marwari horses are bold, fit and fast, making them the perfect companions.. Accommodation and service levels throughout this vacation are high and this is a real luxury experience. Many of the hotels are converted palaces or mansions, and even when camping in remote areas, horseback riders can be sure of a hot shower and a comfortable bed every night.

Kenya Masai Mara on Horseback
from US $9,245
Special Offer:

5% off all safaris confirmed more than 9 month pre-departure


This is a once in a lifetime equestrian experience, involving long hours in the saddle and surrounded by the most diverse and numerous species of game in the world. A fast horseback ride suitable for advanced riders of 14-years-old upward, with parallel jeep safaris for non-riders. Hemingway style fully staffed luxurious mobile camps.

Hiking Rest Stop
from US $2,275

This equestrian trail has been specifically created for fit travelers from novice to experienced horseback riders, who enjoy hiking.  This combination allow everyone to experience the true nomadic lifestyle and the chance to visit some of the most iconic sights and regions of Mongolia.

Riding in Mongolia
from US $1,585

Do you dream about galloping in Mongolia, but don't have 2 or 3 weeks to spare? This is an 8-day tour with 5.5 days on horseback, galloping in the beautiful, wild landscapes encompassing steppes, forests and valleys, far from the tourist sites, and staying a night in a yurt and encountering the locals while riding willing, fit horses with an English translator and guided by nomads.

Gallop across the plains
from US $2,929

A horseback riding trail in the spectacular landscapes of the Orkhon Valley, a World Heritage Site, uniquely combining comfort and tradition with specially adapted yurt camp accommodation along the way. Ride in the Hustai National Park, famous as the home of the Przewalski's wild horses as well as along the edge of the Gobi Desert. The perfect equestrian vacation for experienced and adventurous riders.

Horses by the lake
from US $2,275

An equestrian trail ride in the spectacular landscapes of the Gobi Desert and Orkhon Valley, a World Heritage Site, staying in simple tented camps and with nomadic families along the way. Horseback riding in the Naiman Nuur National Park while the luggage is transported by yaks.

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