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What could be more idyllic than sitting in a lightly sprung carriage, behind two Norweigian Fjorden ponies trotting in unison through a magical pine forest beside a sparkling, clear, mountain  river rushing to the Norweigian  fjords? This perhaps can only be surpassed by lying on beautiful green moss and lichen eating a delightful picnic lunch under the shade of a silver birch, while ponies munch contentedly on their hay and the sunshine dances on a small crystalline blue  lake. Or maybe the the real joy lies in learning how to drive the said ponies and the thrill of feeling them soft and responsive to the reins and swinging along evenly together as their sweet heads and necks bob up and down in rhythm to their gait?

Carriage driving through Norway

All this and more are the delights that await the adventurer on the Blue Mountains Carriage Trail when they arrive at Kvebergsøya Farm near Falldall and on the edge of the Rondane National Park in Central Norway. Be you a horse lover, experienced rider or driver, beginner or just keen to immerse yourself in the beautiful mountains, forests and rivers of this area, you will not be disappointed. Norweigians already know and love their beautiful country and over the summer are found hiking, cycling, camping and fishing but many may not know of the added joy of doing this in the company of these delightful ponies and the farm hosts, Martin and Eris.

Forests and streams

Martin, whose family has been farming the same land over many generations, adds so much to the adventure through his deep knowledge and love of the land from its geology, natural fauna and flora, agricultural practices to its ancient cultural heritage. A very experienced horseman, having grown up with working horses on the farm, he is now a qualified driving instructor. His patient teaching and encouragement and his well-trained team of ponies, enables even a novice like me to quickly experience the delights and thrill of driving.

Amanda taking control

Eris, likewise an experienced horsewoman, with an eye for detail, can turn her hand from harnessing ponies, instructing in driving or riding to producing spectacular three course dinners, breakfasts or picnic lunches, complete with any dietary requirements you may have, in my case gluten and lactose free.

Lunch stop

The Beetles were right when they sang “Isn’t it good, Norweigian wood?”. Travelling from as far afield as Australia, the experience of driving the beautiful Fjord ponies, Sally and Lucy, along the remote, picturesque paths in the pine and silver birch Norweigian forests and mountains, and staying in lovely rustic farmhouses and mountain cabins far exceeded all expectations. I can recommend this to anyone with a love for horses, adventure and natural beauty, you will return, as I did, with new skills and wonderful memories to cherish forever!

Blue Mountains Carriage Trail

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Article By Amanda Breidahl

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