Our Top 6 Luxury Horseback Riding Vacations

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Our Top 6 Luxury Horseback Riding Vacations

When looking to escape the usual tourist traps and discover the hidden gems of the world, there’s no better way to do it than on horseback. our top 6 luxury horseback riding vacations in destinations across the globe promise to take you on a journey of a lifetime. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a complete beginner, we’ve included something for everyone in our top 6 must-do horseback riding vacations list.

Elephant Encounter-Soisan Lodge Kenya
Elephant Encounter-Soisan Lodge Kenya

From the vibrant culture of India to the stunning landscapes of Uruguay and the USA, each destination offers a unique experience that will provide a lifetime of memories. And with accommodations in some of the world’s most beautiful and luxurious locations, including elegant lodges, thermal spa hotels, and rustic ranch houses, you’ll have everything you need for a truly amazing trip. Explore incredible landscapes, meet local people, and experience the culture of each destination in ways you never thought possible.

Christmas Ride in Rajasthan, India

First on our list is the Christmas Ride in Rajasthan, India. This 14-day luxury horseback riding vacation takes riders through the vibrant and culturally rich state of Rajasthan during the holiday season. You’ll ride through ancient forts, to stunning palaces and charming villages while experiencing traditional Indian hospitality at its finest. The Marwari horses, home-bred by the hosts, are bold, fit, and fast, making them the perfect companions for your journey.

India accom garden courtyard
Cool, private courtyards – the perfect place to relax after a day riding

After a fantastic ride on Christmas Day, spend the night in a luxury tented camp with a bonfire under the stars while the horses rest nearby. Accommodation and service levels throughout the holiday are excellent, with many of the hotels being converted palaces or mansions, and even camping in remote areas includes a hot shower and a comfortable bed every night. This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, offering the chance to immerse yourself in the culture of rural India and witness the beauty of this incredible country while riding in style and comfort.

Sosian Lodge Stay in Kenya

Explore the untamed splendour of Kenya while indulging in a stay at Sosian Lodge for a unique horseback riding safari adventure. Situated in the Laikipia County highlands, this 24,000-acre private wildlife conservancy promises an unparalleled horseback riding safari experience like no other. Known for its unique blend of tourism, conservation, and traditional cattle ranching, Sosian Lodge offers luxurious accommodation, while maintaining a warm and homelike atmosphere.

Luxury all the way - Soisan Lodge
Luxury all the way – Soisan Lodge

As you explore the vast plains of Laikipia County, you will ride alongside elephants, giraffes, and zebras, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Experience traditional African hospitality, thrilling wildlife encounters, and lasting memories on this remarkable adventure. With warm and welcoming hosts dedicated to making sure everyone has the holiday of their dreams, Sosian Lodge is the perfect blend of luxury and adventure.


Ranch Retreat in New Mexico, USA

Immerse yourself in a ranch retreat in New Mexico for an impressive horseback riding adventure in the heart of the American Southwest. This vacation presents a unique chance to discover New Mexico’s varied landscapes and terrains, as riders and horses are transported to different areas daily. Experience the thrill of galloping through sandy deserts one day, and traversing alpine forests or splashing through the Rio Grande river the next.

Our Top Luxury Horse Riding Holidays
Ranch Retreat New Mexico

The guest house provides a cozy stay with authentic New Mexican cuisine, complimentary Wi-Fi, and access to a hot tub. During the summer, guests can enjoy the swimming pool, while the renowned Balloon Fiesta in the fall offers a picturesque scene of autumnal colours against the clear blue sky, filled with colourful balloons. Accommodation is located just minutes from the main ranch in a charming two-story guest house set amongst juniper and pine trees overlooking the valley below. What’s not to love?

Estancias and Beaches Trail in Uruguay

Next on our list is the fun Estancias and Beaches trail in Uruguay. Uruguay, also known as classic gaucho country, is an ideal destination for those who seek an authentic South American horseback riding experience combined with unspoiled beaches. On this 9-day horse riding holiday, riders explore working estancias as well as tropical palm groves, protected wetlands, and stunning beaches.

Our Top 6 Must-Do Luxury Horseback Riding Vacations
Estancias and Beaches Ride – Uruguay

Horseback riding is integral to the local culture, and you will ride the reliable and responsive Criollo horses along with the comfort of traditional saddles. The cuisine includes tender organic local beef, fresh seafood, and garden produce. Guests are accommodated in hotels, lodges, and historic estancias, all with private bathrooms and excellent services. This luxurious trail offers a captivating glimpse into the traditional gaucho lifestyle, allowing riders to immerse themselves in Uruguay’s natural beauty from a truly unique perspective.

The Beach and Thermal Spa Trail in Spain

Escape to a one-of-a-kind vacation in northern Spain on our luxurious Beach and Thermal Spa Trail. This riding holiday offers an exceptional combination of gorgeous beaches and majestic mountains along the Bay of Biscay.

Top 6 Must-Do Luxury Horseback Riding Vacations
Beach & Thermal Spa – Spain

The experience is perfect for intermediate riders and above, as it alternates between leisurely walks and exhilarating gallops across the sandy beaches and sprawling meadows. Spend four nights in comfortable beach-side hotels before venturing up to explore the idyllic trails, meadows, and picturesque villages nestled in the mountains. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Take time to relax in the thermal pools before heading to the last three nights at luxurious thermal spa hotels.

Enjoy authentic local cuisine during your stay, starting each day with a relaxing breakfast, picnic lunch on the trail, an afternoon siesta, and dinner at your accommodation or a nearby restaurant. You’ll be greeted by 35 excellent riding horses to choose from, including Pure Spanish horses (PRE), Spanish, Arab X, and Andalusian X. And, to top it all off, there’s an opportunity to visit the city of Santander and take a scenic boat ride.

Castle Leslie in Ireland

If you’ve ever fantasized about stepping into a fairytale, Castle Leslie in Ireland might just be your dream destination. Here, you can spend your days galloping through ancient woodlands, rolling hills, and exploring the picturesque countryside dotted with castles and villages.

Top 6 Must-Do Luxury Horseback Riding Vacations
Picturesque Riding – Castle Leslie

With over a thousand acres of parkland and lakes to explore, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to a world of chivalry and romance. Even better, Castle Leslie’s equestrian centre offers top-notch facilities and expert tuition, allowing riders to learn and improve throughout their stay. What’s more, accommodation at the Lodge is four-star, complete with a bar, restaurant, and a spa with Victorian treatment rooms. This really is a horseback riding vacation fit for royalty.


There’s nothing quite like exploring the world on horseback, and each of our top 6 luxury horseback riding vacations offers an experience not easily forgotten. From the stunning landscapes of Africa to the enchanting castles of Ireland, each destination offers its own unique blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation.

Expert guides, comfortable accommodations, and well-trained horses will ensure that your riding holiday is everything you want it to be, and more. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting out, there’s a perfect equestrian vacation for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information – our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of each trail and will curate the perfect trip for you.

top 6 luxury horseback riding vacations
Beach Riding – Uruguay


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