Pre-riding holiday yoga classes from Mat & Saddle

Mat & Saddle Equestrian Yoga have launched pre-riding holiday yoga classes for equestrian travellers in 2023


Pre-riding holiday yoga – Make the most of your horse riding holiday:

Pre-riding holiday yoga is becoming a popular option for those wanting to improve their riding fitness and give their confidence a boost ahead of an equestrian escape. Mat & Saddle Equestrian Yoga, based in Cheshire(UK), offers a series of 20 classes over six to eight weeks to help riders with their stamina, mobility, strength, flexibility and balance, as well as their riding mindset.

Pre-riding holiday yoga
Confidence in the saddle is beneficial for both horse and rider

Founder Elizabeth Broomhall, is a qualified yoga teacher who has worked at riding outfits in Argentina, Mozambique, the USA, Italy, Spain and Egypt. Her aim is to empower equestrian travellers to get them feeling fit, healthy and energetic before their holidays. “I want riders to feel confident in mind and body before they jet off on a trip that they’ve probably been planning for some time, and that they’re naturally very excited about,” she says.

Pre-riding holiday yoga
Improve confidence in the saddle and overall fitness with a pre-holiday yoga regime

Classes are approximately one-hour each and can be done online via Zoom for those who live outside Cheshire. Online classes also allow riders to practice from the comfort of their own home. As well as offering one-to-one sessions for solo travellers, Mat & Saddle can arrange semi-private classes for two people, and group sessions for three or more.

In a recent blog post, Mat & Saddle offer tips on how to plan and prepare for your riding holiday.

For more information, readers can visit the Mat & Saddle Equestrian Yoga website: or

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