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Horse Drive
from US $2,039

An extreme riding vaccation, driving approx 40 - 50 free running horses from their summer pastures in the mountains of Tusheti, across 250km of winding mountain roads, across vinyards, through villages, grasslands, and agricultural plains to the Vashlovani National Park where they spend the winter.  A keen sense of adventure, a good stomach for heights and riding fitness is essential, as large parts of the route are at trot and canter.  An experience of a lifetime awaits!

Tusheti Mountains
from US $2,175

A wild horseback riding adventure, riding 125km through the stunning Tusheti mountains, staying in guesthouses along the way.  For intermediate riders and above. This is a point to point horseback trail that you won't forget.  Designed for intermediate  riders and above.

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