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Hiking Rest Stop
from US $2,229

This tour has been specifically created for fit travellers who are novice riders upward, and enjoy hiking.  This combination allow everyone to experience the true nomadic lifestyle and the chance to visit some of the most iconic sights and regions of Mongolia.

Riding in Mongolia
from US $1,509

Do you dream about galloping in Mongolia, but don't have 2 or 3 weeks to spare? This is an 8-day tour with 5.5 days on horseback, galloping in the beautiful, wild landscapes encompassing steppes, forests and valleys, far from the tourist sites, and staying a night in a yurt and encountering the locals while riding willing, fit horses with an English translator and guided by nomads.

Boy and Eagle
from US $3,589

A fast ride that takes riders deep into western Mongolia and the National Park Tarvagatai Nuruu. Start with a road trip across the country via the 13th century capital of the Mongol Empire, before meeting up with local nomads who provide high quality horses to explore this remote region. Flight back to Ulaan Bator. Less experienced riders can be accommodated without affecting the pace.

Gallop across the plains
from US $2,739

A trail ride in the spectacular landscapes of the Orkhon Valley, a World Heritage Site, uniquely combining comfort and tradition with specially adapted yurt accommodation along the way. Ride in the Hustai National Park, famous as the home of the Przewalski's wild horses as well as along the edge of the Gobi Desert.

Horses by the lake
from US $2,229

A trail ride in the spectacular landscapes of the Gobi Desert and Orkhon Valley, a World Heritage Site, staying in simple tents along the way and staying with nomadic families. We ride in the Naiman Nuur National Park where the luggage is transported by yaks.

Przewalski Horses
from US $2,165

A winter ride combining the magic landscapes of the Orkhon Valley with Bayan Gobi dunes and Przewalski horses in Hustai National Park. A rare insight into the lives of the nomads living on the frozen steppes, yurt accommodation, for experienced riders.

Gallop across the plains
from US $3,405

A 3-week horse riding adventure exploring the central regions of Mongolia, from the deserts in the south to the mountains and lakes in the north. Stay in yurts and tented camps and experience the life of the Mongolian nomad.

Rider in Mountain
from US $2,785

Explore the Gold Rush mountains and valleys of the South Island with a short break, based at an off-grid eco-lodge on a sheep station. Intermediate riders onwards.

New Zealand Hunter River Valley
from US $2,485

A great horse riding holiday to fit in to an extended tour of New Zealand, this trail ride takes riders into the stunning and exclusive landscape around Lake Hawea and the Hunter Valley. Riding at all paces, discover the unspoilt wilderness of South Island on horseback. Accommodation is in remote shearers' quarters, given just enough modernisation to be comfortable without spoiling the traditional feel.

pack trip on the South Island
from US $4,205

Pack trip on sure-footed horses between high stations in the Hunter Valley with breathtaking views of Lake Hawea, Mount Aspiring, and Lake Wanaka. Dramatic scenery, fresh air and simple shearer's quarters  in high country stations provides the antidote to modern life. Warm hospitality on private stations makes for a true New Zealand country experience.

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