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Profile of Adrian Maynard


Adrian MaynardAfter a lifetime of work in IT for a multi-national Insurance company, Adrian decided to make a career change and started looking for a position in an accounts department. Like Carolyn he came across Unicorn Trails by chance, he liked what they had to offer and is now working with Carolyn looking after the cash that comes in and out of the business, though Wendy is making use of his previous skills around computer systems.

He says there is a big difference from working in a large faceless office, to being a member of the small friendly team that makes up Unicorn Trails. He is very happy with his career change and finds everyday very different, interesting and a challenge with all the new aspects he is learning.

You might have noticed that there has been no reference, so far, to horses and horse riding. This is because Adrian has only ridden a horse once many years ago when he was very much younger, and that short ride did not last long and was very uneventful. The horse went were it wanted, which was not necessarily were Adrian was supposed to go. He has a lot to learn about horses and horse riding holidays.

Adrian is happily married to Anne and they have two grown up children. They moved to Biggleswade, from London, when they got married in 1977 and they have see the town go through a lot of changes but not as many as his extensive collection of matching cartoon socks and ties!