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Press Releases

Jan 2008 The Mythical 'Holiday with a Difference' Safari on Horseback
May 2007 Eastern Europe Focus Europe
Sept 2006 Game Tracking Safari Kenya Game Tracking in the Chyulus, Kenya
May 2006 Badminton Horse Trials Home Page
June 2005 New Ride in Umbria Italy Umbrian Adventure, Italy









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8 Feb 2008
Financial Times (Broadsheet newspaper)
Luxury Desert Adventure, Morocco
Feb/Mar 2008
England's Equestrian (Magazine)

Baltic Coast Ride, Poland
Ants Reserve, South Africa

Jan 2008
Horse (Magazine)
Danni's Profile
Dec/Jan 2008
England's Equestrian (Magazine)
Nov 2007
NFU Countryside (Magazine)
Umbrian Adventure, Italy
Apr/May 2007
England's Equestrian (Magazine)
Big 5 Combo, South Africa
Mar/Apr 2007
RyanAir Magazine (Magazine)
Romo Relaxed Week, Denmark
Feb/Mar 2007
England's Equestrian (Magazine)
Feb 2007
West Country Riders (Free paper)


Dec/Jan 2007
England's Equestrian (Magazine)
27 Oct 2006
Atlantic Coast Trek, Frace
Oct 2006 France (Magazine) Horse Country France
10 Sept 2006 The Sunday Telegraph (Broadsheet newspaper) Home On The Range Montana Bridger Ranch, USA
Aug/Sept 2006 England's Equestrian (Magazine) Riding in Majorca Majorca Beach and Forest, Spain
June/July 2006 England's Equestrian (Magazine) Seeing Crete From the Saddle Lasithi Trail, Unguided, Greece
Apr 2006 Eve (Magazine) Are you fit enough for your holiday? Essaouira Beach Trail, Morocco
Feb/Mar 2006 England's Equestrian (Magazine) Beach Riding Holidays in Southern France Atlantic Coast Trek, France
22 Feb 2005 Evening Standard (Newspaper) Ride with Rhinos and Swim with Your Horse Horizon Ranch, South Africa
10 Feb 2005 Horse and Hound (Magazine) Lost in Translation Lasithi Trail, Unguided, Greece
18 Aug 2004 Horse (Magazine) Dream Destinations Kephalonia Riding Week, Greece
High Atlas Crossing, Morocco
21 Jan 2004 Daily Mail (Tabloid newspaper) Saddle sore in Montana USA
  Ireland's Equestrian (Magazine) Sofari so good! Big 5 Safari, South Africa
Winter 2003 Canter (Magazine) In The Back Of Beyond Copper Canyon Trail, Mexico
  Ireland's Equestrian (Magazine) Choosing a Riding Holiday Home Page
14 Sept 2003 News of the World (Tabloid newspaper) Jim's Horse Sense Hols UK
Sept 2003 Horse (Magazine) Brilliant Breaks France
2 Aug 2003 The Sun (Tabloid newspaper) Get Ride to the Heart of Africa Wild Coast Beach Trail, South Africa
Aug 2003 DIVA (Magazine) Riding High Home Page
May 2003 Healthy (Magazine) Beach Holidays with a Difference Andalucia of the Moors, Spain
17 June 2002 Veterinary Times Going for silver in the copper canyon Copper Canyon Trail, Mexico
3 June 2002 Veterinary Times Don't let a vet loose in Costa Rica! Costa Rica
7 Jan 2001 Bedfordshire on Sunday (Local newspaper) Horse around on holiday Home Page
Dec 2000 Horse (Magazine) On Safari South Africa
Nov/Dec 2000 Business monthly (Newspaper) Magical Treks from Unicorn Home Page
Vol 2 Issue 3 Ireland's Equestrian (Magazine) Need a Holiday with a Difference?... Home Page
Vol 2 Issue 1 Ireland's Equestrian (Magazine) Safari Adventure South Africa
Mar 2000 Getaway (Magazine) The fat purple cat and a harem of horse goats Africa









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