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Unicorn Trails runs the marketing and sales office for the best riding experiences worldwide. We free our riding partners up to do what they do best: be out riding with guests and delivering great holidays on horseback. We advertise, speak to clients about riding holidays and bring the business in the door. Unicorn Trails is a well established large agency with a big client base and large marketing budget.
We are always on the lookout for good new rides and love working with our partners all over the world. Below are some guidelines we look for when considering a new ride:

If a riding organisation has a particular strength in marketing and access to the UK market, we are not the ideal partners, and it may be better to take a DIY approach to marketing or find other agencies who offer more of an internet listings service.

We visit all our potential partners to understand exactly what is on offer assess how best to market and present the ride in the UK. This also gives us a chance to get to know the owners and guides on a personal level.

Please contact us if you would like to take it further and do mention all the items above in your email!


If you'd like to know more about setting up a riding holiday, consider buying the book co-authored by Unicorn Trails' MD

The Riding Holiday Centre Handbook

The comprehensive guide to planning, running and marketing a riding holiday centre by Julian Ross and Wendy Hofstee.