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Spain - Catalan Culture and Beach
13- 21 March 2011

Join Rachel Presnail on a week long trail with superb riding on Andalusians to the sandy beaches, bays and mountains of the mediterranean coast. Visit the Dali museum and enjoy typical Catalan cuisine. Ideal for riders who want a sunny getaway with long beach canters and fine food.
Italy - Sardinia
18 - 20 April 2011

Join Gemma Johnson on a short break to the beautiful island of Sardinia for a luxury break in the sun. The accommodation is of a very high standard utilising local stone and materials to blend perfectly into the luxuriant gardens, a totally relaxing experience. There is an onsite gym and solarium, solar heated swimming pool and jacuzzi. There is also a beauty salon available where you can have a massage, pedicure or facial. Ride impeccably bred and schooled Anglo Arab/Sardinian horses in spuberb condition through the beautiful countryside and the beach, swimming in the sea in summer.

South Africa - Horizon
22 April - 2 May 2011

Join Danni Wittman on the ever popular Horizon Ranch. With a mulititude of activities from safari riding, through cattle work, polo cross and tuition there is something for everyone on this very relaxed and welcoming ranch with superb horses. It's Danni's fourth visit!

Italy - Umbrian Adventure
11-14 June 2011

Join Rachel Presnail in exploring rolling mountains, hidden valleys and mediaeval hill villages in this unspoilt corner of Umbria, where time has stood still. Full and half day excursion on well schooled horses are a given. Food is high on the agenda in this part of the world with home-cooked dishes prepared from the best Umbrian ingredients and accompanied by the excellent local wine.

Romania - Carpathian Estate Ride
10 - 16 July 2011

Join Gemma Johnson on this very special Transylvanian experience – Count Kalnoky invites you to step back in time to discover Transylvania, as his grand- and great-grand parents knew it in the 1800's. Here you can immerse yourself in a forgotten world that most people would believe to have ceased to exist in today's Europe. Good quality riding in a rural setting with historical accommodation.

Tajikistan - Pamir Mountain Explorer
13 June - 1 July 2011

Join Nicolas Ducret on this expedition in the extreme south of Tajikistan, one of the most breathtaking regions in the world. The Pamir Mountains, formed by the junction or knot of the Himalayas, Tian Shan, Karakoram, Kunlun, and Hindu Kush ranges, are among the world’s highest mountains and since Victorian times they have been known as the "Roof of the World". Mineral peaks and snowy plateaus are dominated by glaciers, and dramatic valleys that are home to shepherds whose hospitality we enjoy en route.

China - Tibetan Adventure

13 - 27 July 2011

Join Joseph Tricaud for the fourth year in this fantastic destination exploring the high mountains and culture of Tibet on horseback. An adventurous camping trip for riders wishing to explore the remote Himalayan ranges and experience authentic Tibetan culture in Tibet and not China.

Peru - Luxury Sacred Valley
10 - 22 September 2011

Join David Smith riding velvet smooth Peruvian Pasos through the Sacred Valley - a landscape dominated by Peru's colourful heritage, culture and ancient lost cities, including Machu Picchu. This is a full service ride of a very high standard with wonderful hotels selected for their local flavor, colonial architecture, comfort and special setting.

Jordan - Wadi Rum
14 - 23 October 2011

Join Danni Wittman in discovering the stunning desert landscapes of Wadi Rum with its wide sandy valleys, its huge red and golden coloured mountains. Riding on fast and fit Arabians, this ride is for confident riders. We combine the unforgettable landscapes with bedouin culture and a visit to Petra.

Ethiopia - Abyssinian Explorer

9-23 October 2011

Join Gemma Johnson on our regular annual ride to ancient Abyssinia. Taking in the underground churches of Lallibella and a horseback trip in the Bale Mountains Highlands, this is a unique opportunity to visit this culturally rich and isolated part of Africa.

Chile - Atacama Desert Trail
23 October - 3 November 2011

Join Wendy Hofstee in exploring one of the most spectacular and dramatic landscapes on earth -the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile. The Atacama is the driest desert on earth, made up of salt basins (salares), sand and lava flows. As you can imagine the Atacama is extremely sparsely populated. Our ride takes us from Calama in the centre of the desert to San Pedro de Atacama, a natural oasis.

Andean Mountain sceneryChile - Luxury Patagonia Lodge Retreat
2- 8 December 2011

Join Wendy Hofstee in riding through landscapes rarely, if ever, visited by other people on magnificent estancia bred horses. This luxury riding experience is set at the ‘End of the World’. Ride through wild Andean mountain country daily or participating in cattle work, returning each evening to the exquisitely appointed lodge for meals and socializing before retiring to your luxury stone-build, riverside cabin. All riding abilities are catered and riders split into groups as necessary. There is world class fly fishing available on site.

Troikas in RussiaRussia - Snow Adventure
11 - 20 February 2012

Join Gemma Johnson on a horse riding holiday with a difference in the magical Russian winter. Riding north of Moscow accompanied by Troika and Duga sleds which non riders and riders alike can ride in. Includes the sights of Moscow and St Petersburg as you've always imagined them - with snow.

Vast Mkgadimkgadi pansBotswana - Makgadikgadi Pans
28 May - 6 June 2012

Join Wendy Hofstee in exploring t5he vast Mkgadikgadi salt pans on horseback. The series of vast open plains are interspersed wtih palm island which are seasonally teaming with game. On this ride some nights are spent in the luxurious Kalahair Lodge, some camping on the vast plains. An opportunity to track with the local bushmen and a few days riding at the Thamalakane River area complete an all round itinerary. On ceretain dates an 2 or 3 day extension canoing in the Okavango Delta can be arranged too.

Herding horses in IcelandIceland - Eastern Iceland Exploratory
June 2012

In 2012 our partners in Iceland will have been offering riding holidays for 30 years. To celebrate a special exploratory trail will be run in Eastern Iceland with the theme of living off the land. Watch this space for the exact date and itinerary and join Gemma Johnson on this very special one off trail.