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We believe that the travel market is now so competitive and fast changing that you can get the best value for money by purchasing your flights through specialists such as Trailfinders or by surfing the Internet for budget operators to Europe etc. We know that many of you include the riding element as part of a longer trip, particularly where long haul destinations are involved and by not including external transport arrangements this gives you the flexibility to plan the trip as you would like. We will of course be happy to design a complete, extended itinerary for you if you so choose. Where you have contracted us to arrange your flights we will do so and do our utmost to source the best options in terms of cost and times to fit in with your individual itinerary.
The sites and contacts on this site are by no means exhaustive. Many we use ourselves here at Unicorn and many have been recommended by past clients, so if you have found an Internet guide to trains in Mongolia or know an expert Costa Rican flight consultant do let us know at Unicorn Trails.


Europe - +44 (0)20 7937 1234
Long Haul - +44 (0)20 7938 3939
Trans Atlantic - +44 (0)20 7937 5400
Excellent general all round flight specialists. Competitive and knowledgeable.

Flight Centre
Tel: +44 (0)1293 533345
Where possible will compete on price.

Journey Latin America
Tel: +44 (0)208 7478315
Experts on South American flights both internal and external.

Lan Chile
Expert advice on internal Chilean flights and prices often unavailable elsewhere.

Ryan Air
Tel: +44 (0)870 1569 569 (UK) / 01 609 7800 (Eire)
Well known low cost airline to selected European destinations.

Easy Jet
Budget airline with European flights.



The man in Seat 61
Maybe you don't like flying. Or perhaps you just prefer classic travel by express train and ocean liner, where you eat in a restaurant, sleep in a bed, and get to see where you're going... Either way, this website will tell you how to travel comfortably by train and ship for many journeys where you might think that air was now the only option.
Web site:

Rail Europe
Tel: +44 (0)8705 024000
Comprehensive timetables and online ticket purchasing for major rail routes across Europe.

European Local Trains
Unless you are fluent in German we suggest accessing 'International Guests' on the site and logging into "travel.service.timetable" on the left hand side under "reiseauskunft". This is well worth the trouble as it is possible to find the trains to / from any European destination in seconds!



We can arrange competitive car hire for our clients but if you would like to book your own do check that you do not need an international driving permit and that you declare all / any endorsements on your licence.

Autos Abroad
Tel: +44 (0)8700 667788

Holiday Autos

Hamill Car Hire - Ireland
Tel: +353 44 44500

Cialone - Italy
Tel: +39 0775 246363

Via Michelin
This Website will give you route times and directions from set off to destination anywhere in the UK A must for anyone planning a Unicorn short break here in Great Britain or taking a ferry abroad.



These people specialise in locating and organising flats in Rome for short period stays.This is a good alternative accommodation to the traditional hotels. The flats are fully serviced. All flats are equiped with a kitchen. The prices are competitive with other accommodation in the centre of Rome. They have worked for many important companies including, BBC, Telecom Italia, Deloitte Consulting, National Geographic etc.



TravelFleaMarket - Discount Hotels & Resorts Deals on vacation packages, cruises, discount airfare, hotels, resort bargains, vacation properties and car rentals.
Travel Directory plendexTravel - offers resources for travel consumers.
Directory of Travel Agencies is a directory listing travel agents, tour operators and consolidators.



Car Parking at Heathrow Airport
Secure Airport Parking at Heathrow. This online booking system will give you full car parking details including security measures and directions.

Car Parking at London Gatwick Airport
Car Parking ON & OFF Gatwick Airport. Airport parking voucher available immediately online and via email wih full directions to Gatwick airport car parks.

Car Parking at Luton International Airport

Car Parking at Luton Airport - Monitored car parking at Luton airport. Easy online booking and instant vouchering system.

Car Parking at Manchester Airport
Pre Book Car Parking at Manchester Airport - Offering secure airport parking at Manchester. All car parks are monitored 24 hours a day and have several other security measures such as perimeter fencing, barrier control or CCTV.

East Midlands Airport Parking
Get car parking at East Midlands airport. Our online booking system will give you full car parking details including security measures and directions.