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The Unicorn Trails Team

Wendy Hofstee (BVSc MRCVS) David Smith Leah Gravell

Wendy Hofstee
Managing Director &
Travel Consultant
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David Smith
CEng, MIAgrE PhD

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Leah Collingwood
BA (Hons)
Travel Consultant

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Danni Wittman

Gemma Johnson

Danni Mann
Travel Consultant
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Gemma Johnson
Travel Consultant & Guide

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Rachel Presnail
Travel Consultant

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    Bridget Walker
Nicolas Ducret
Travel Guide

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Joseph Tricaud
Travel Guide

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Bridget Walker

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Carolyn Cranston Iris Small Liz Molyneux

Carolyn Cranston

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Iris Small
IT marketing

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Liz Molyneux

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Unicorn Trails was started in 1999 by Wendy Hofstee, a veterinary surgeon, traveller and horse lover. In her travels around the world, first with a backpack and later on horseback, she met many wonderful and knowledgeable horse men and women. They all had some unique knowledge of horses to share and incredible places to ride in. However there was also ignorance about horse care and poverty resulting in neglect of horses and bad riding holidays. There was obviously a need to select the best and share this knowledge more widely.
Unicorn Trails was created to hand pick a selection of the best riding holidays with horses in excellent condition.

Today Unicorn Trails and puts thousands of people into contact with different cultures, all sharing the common language of horsemanship. Unicorn Trails offers access to an extensive knowledge base base of horse riding all over the world which is continuously being updated and extended and guarantees a knowledgeable service, happy horses in good health, small groups of riders and unspoilt natural environments.

Unicorn Trails quite naturally endorses repsonsible travel by virtue of the type of holidays organised. In addition many of the holidays featured support further community projects worldwide, see our Responsible Travel page for details. Unicorn Trails also has an Ethical Travel Charter - hints on how an individual can leave minimal impact on their travels.

Responsibility is not only for those travelling - Unicorn Trails has a guiding principle of acting fairly, honestly and openly in all our business dealings. This includes our customers as well as all the partners who help us provide a first class service in this complex business. We firmly believe that not only is this the only way to live well but that it is good for business in the long run. Undoubtedly this philosophy has been behind our unbroken increase in business every year since our establishment in 1999.

Unicorn Trails has been widely featured in the UK press such as The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Financial Times as well as Equine magazines such as Horse and Hound, Horse, Ireland and England's Equestrian and countless travel magazines and Ms Hofstee is widely sought after as a speaker by organisations such as the BBC and the National Equine Forum.