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We have horse riding holidays for all levels of riders, from complete beginners to professional riders. Some are fast paced and only suitable for experienced, fit and confident riders. Others will take complete beginners and teach them to ride in exotic locations. Like learning to ski, you will be surprised how much you can do in a week. Unicorn Trails is all about enabling everyone to see the world from a different point of view. For each ride we have tried to give as accurate an indication of the minimum ability required as possible, however there is no substitute to discussing it with someone who has actually been there and we encourage you to contact us and discuss your needs and expectations for the holiday. That way we can offer our experience and give you impartial advice to match you to a suitable destination.


On most rides there is a weight limit due to the size/strength of the horses. In general this limit is 15 stone/ 95 kg / 250lb, however it may be more or less depending on the horses available at a particular destination. This is indicated for each ride on our website under the Horses & Riding tab. The limit indicated may well be higher for experienced riders. It is more difficult for a horse to carry a beginner than an experienced rider who sits in balance. If you are an experienced rider over the weight limit please contact us as there may be a suitable horse available.


These activity holidays are quite different from your usual package destination and many people travel alone. We only cater for small groups so you soon get to know others on your particular trip. You are sure to meet like minded people and make new friends. On most holidays there is no single supplement if you are prepared to share with someone of the same sex, a few holidays offer single rooms at no extra charge. These activity holidays are a great way to meet other adventurous active people. If you are still hesitant we can usually put you in touch with someone who has been there alone, so you can talk over your concerns with them. Our horse riding holidays are very suitable for single travellers.


Horse riding as a sport has some inherent risks which is why safety is a priority with us. All our destinations are regularly visited and assessed on the quality and temperament of the horses, maintenance of saddlery and equipment, safety briefing for riders, training and attitude of guides/teachers, trail principles in force, communication skills of leaders and first aid/medical care available. Only those rides adhering to stringent safety procedures are featured in our program.


This depends on the ride selected and number of riding hours each day. If you choose a ride based in one place, it is possible to have a day off if you are feeling stiff or tired. The point to point trails require a a certain amount of riding fitness - even when the pace is not fast you may be spending 5 hours in the saddle. If you do not ride on a regular basis, we suggest you go for a few weekend riding breaks or full day rides to get fit for a trail. It is important to ride for 4 hours+ in one session, preferably twice in the weeks before your holiday. You will enjoy your horse riding holiday a tremendous amount more if you are fit. For those who are not regular riders we also recommend taking a seat saver along on your holiday - the Heather Moffat type with a suede covering and memory foam inner are highly recommended.

Many of our rides can be booked and confirmed instantly online. These are selected by ticking "Confirm in Real Time" on the search filter.
Other rides can also be booked online and are confirmed in 1 working day. Alternatively for non real time rides you can check availability on your chosen dates, either using our web site availability check or by contacting us on +44 (0)1767 600606 in the United Kingdom or by email to

The booking process involves complete a booking and riding ability form and make a deposit payment. This can be done on our web site or by contacting us. The deposit is normally 20% of the holiday cost but can vary. We will confirm this to you at the time of booking. If you are booking less than 8 weeks before departure, the full amount is due.

Once we have received your completed booking form and deposit, we will issue you a confirmation invoice. If you wish you can then book your own flights or we can do this for you.

We may be able to hold a provisional booking for you for a few days should you need to make holiday or flight arrangements before confirming, please contact us to arrange this. Any outstanding balance on this invoice will be due for payment no later than 8 weeks before departure.


You can pay for your horse riding holiday by (internet) bank transfer, cheque, debit or credit card. We accept all major credit cards in all invoice currencies (GBP/EUR/USD/SEK).

There is no charge for payment by UK/EU bank transfer, UK bank cheque or UK/EU personal cards. Corporate and other extraordinary card charges may be passed on. Fees vary from 2.5 to 3.5%. Please contact us for exact amounts before booking.


You can make payment of Euro invoices directly into our Euro bank account by (internet) bank transfer or cheque. There is no charge for this.

We can accept payment by debit cards from the Euro zone. As of 18 January 2018 we can no longer accept payments by credit card from European residents as we are unable to charge a fee to cover our costs.


We have prices in US$ and you can make payment of US$ invoices directly into our US$ bank account by bank draft, money order or bank transfer. US$ cheques are accepted subject to a £7 (in 2017) non UK bank charge.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners. There is a 2.5% charge for credit card payments (1.9% for Amex).

Anmälningsavgiften anges långt ner till VÄNSTER på fakturan DEPOSIT och angivet betalningsdatum. Där ser du också slutbeloppet och när det ska betalas. När deposit är betald, kommer din slutfaktura skickas till dig med angivet betalningsdatum. Slutfakturan betalas 8 veckor före avresa.

Svenska kronor:

Du kan betala via BANK GIRO från Sverige: 589-2344

Du kan också göra BANKÖVERFÖRING till Unicorns Svenska Swedbank konto:
Från Danmark, Norge & Finland: SWEDBANK
IBAN :SE2080000890119436141007
Från Sverige: 8901-1, 943 614 100-7

Det går också bra att betala med kreditkort:

Endast genom att fylla i ett godkännande av debitering (formulär) som skickas till för att Unicorn ska göra debiteringen på ditt kort.


Lättast, billigast & bäst är att använda hemförsäkringens avbeställningsskydd. Numer har nästan alla försäkringsbolag sk Avbeställningsskydd på resor i hemförsäkringen. Kolla upp med din försäkring innan du bokar resan! Vissa bolag har en tilläggskostnad på några hundra kr för att få detta skydd under ett år, då gäller det för alla resor under året. Vår erfarenhet är att det är det billigaste och bästa skyddet då det endast är en liten självrisk på belopp som går förlorat om du måste avboka. Du kan då betala med Bank Giro eller banktransfer avgiftsfritt.


Holiday insurance is mandatory for all clients. You must check that your insurance covers you for the type of riding activity that you are going to participate in. We offer a comprehensive policy designed to cover the holidays we sell for UK residents. Please ask for a quote or check our horse riding holiday insurance page. Please note this insurance is only for UK residents due to repatriation issues. We will require written details of appropriate insurance cover otherwise we reserve the right to cancel your holiday. We can advise you where to obtain appropriate insurance if you do not have your own.


In compliance with the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018, Unicorn Trails is fully ATOL bonded for flight inclusive packages. In addition Unicorn Trails is an ABTA member and financially bonded with ABTOT to protect the monies paid in respect of the non flight inclusive travel arrangements offered and to cater, where necessary (and subject to the terms of of the insurance policy), for a refund of such monies and/or your repatriation to the UK in the unlikely event of our financial failure. So your money is completely secure.

International flights from your location to the meeting point are not included in the prices quoted on our website unless otherwise indicated. Internal flights may or may not be included, check the "What is Included" and "What is not Included" section on our website. The flight guide indicates the type of rates that can be found through flight booking websites such as or from London return. You have the opportunity to arrange your own flights if wanted.

We are fully ATOL bonded and would be delighted to book your flights for you, or assist you in ensuring flights are suitable for the package booked. Many of our clients prefer to book their own flights in Europe with the low cost carriers. A flight guide is included to give you an idea, prices vary depending on the time of year. Wherever possible we offer direct flights with national carriers. These may not be the cheapest fares but give you complete peace of mind in the event of an unexpected problem.

All our prices are per person and based on two people sharing. Except where otherwise indicated, accommodation, meals, a horse and tack, the services of a guide, all camping equipment and transportation of a reasonable amount of luggage from point to point is included. Some holidays include drinks, which means reasonable quantities of local soft drinks, spirits, beers and wines. It does not usually include imported spirits or wines. Each ride has a detailed section with what is and is not included.

The accommodation varies from camping under the stars to luxurious hotels and private mansions. The prices reflect the level of luxury. In Europe, most of the accommodation is in twin rooms which means 2 separate beds. Where a double has been requested we can usually arrange this but it needs to be specifically requested and cannot always be arranged. If it is possible, it will be confirmed in writing to you. Most of our rides do not charge a single supplement if you are prepared to share with a person of the same sex. On some rides it is not possible to arrange single accommodation, so always check your choice of accommodation is available when booking.

Please note that bathroom may mean a shower and toilet and not necessarily a bath unless this has been confirmed to you in writing.

A full passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of your return travel is essential for all the horse riding holidays. It is important that you if you need any visas with the relevant consulate or embassy prior to travel. We will give you general advice and point you in the direction of embassies and their websites but ultimately you are responsible for obtaining the correct visas as these matters can change quickly. For convenience you may choose to use a visa agency.

Health: You should consult your doctor before departure regarding health precautions recommended for travel to your destination. No vaccinations are legally required to any of the destinations we feature but most medical experts will advise precautions against tetanus, hepatitis, typhoid and polio for travel to Africa, Latin America or Asia. Malarial protection is strongly advised at certain times of year when travelling to certain parts of Africa and Asia.

You can also refer to:


If you are a UK resident you are entitled to free, or reduced cost, state provided healthcare when visiting a European Union (EU) country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

To access this it is necessary to obtain an EHIC, the replacement for the E111. This covers an individual for basic health care to the level of the relevant national health scheme when travelling within the EEC. This is not a comprehensive travel insurance, the level of care varies from country to country and the EHIC does not cover repatriation, cancellation, theft or damage insurance.

We strongly recommend that you wear a hard hat when in the vicinity of horses. A few of the horse riding holidays have a selection, but it is always best to take your own to ensure a good fit. We recommend you purchase a wide brimmed cover for protection from the sun before you leave the UK. Whilst riding or in the vicinity of horses, you must comply with the instructions of your guide. Your guide is entitled to ask you to dismount or refuse to allow you to ride if for any reason they consider that you may endanger the safety or welfare of the horses or any person. There are inherent risks involved in horse riding and you are asked to familiarise yourself with them and take every precaution to ensure your own safety.

Foreign Office Travel Advice The British Foreign Office can be contacted on 020 7238 4503 or visit their web site at . They occasionally issue travel advisory notes about certain destinations which should be followed. Should you decide to travel against your own country's advice we ask that you check your travel insurance is not invalidated by your choice.

Unicorn Trails is always looking out for great new rides for our large client database. Unicorn Trails is not an internet listings service rather a travel agency with first hand knowledge of all the rides. We visit all new rides to assess how we can best market them and undertake complete marketing and booking service. If you have a ride that fits in or fills a gap in our line up and interested in a long term partnership please click here.

If you'd like to know more about setting up a riding holiday, consider buying the book co-authored by Unicorn Trails' MD: The Riding Holiday Centre Handbook.

The comprehensive guide to planning, running and marketing a riding holiday centre by Julian Ross and Wendy Hofstee.

The Riding Holiday Centre Handbook