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Profile of Sue Maling


Sue and WarriorSue was born and brought up in Wales, and loved riding from before she could walk. She used to be led around on ‘Timmy’ from a local farm at every available opportunity.

Eventually she persuaded her parents to allow her to have a pony at the age of 7. ‘Surprise’ was a Heinz 57 varieties pony and a real Gem.

Sue went to University in Reading to study Food Technology and worked in field sales thereafter in the speciality chemical and food industries whilst living in the Northern Home counties. Being a bit of a ‘gypsy’ by nature she has lived in Watford, Bedford, St. Neots, Rushden, and a selection of Cambridgeshire villages.

In 2004 Sue went on her first riding holiday and its changed her life. This prompted a change of career to Sales Manager at Unicorn Trails. Sue was tempted to work in the scientific sector for a while but she just couldn't leave Unicorn behind and after being a faithful client for a while returned to work at Unicorn as Operations Manager.

Being Welsh she very appropriately has a Welsh cob, who she bought as a 3 year old. Warrior is now an 'old boy'and they have both accepted each others idiosyncrasies! Together they have had a go at the lowest level of anything and everything – gymkhana on silly days, dressage if we must, jumping (definitely Warrior’s favourite, and probably Sue’s too) and plenty of hacking with friends. These days he is semi-retired and pretty much gets to choose how much he does - no real change there Sue says.

Sue avoided marriage until she was 37, but has eventually been tied down by Jon – who looks after Warrior very well when she is away! He now regularly joins her on Unicorn Trails holidays.

Besides riding Sue likes rugby, wines, food and being outdoors almost anywhere. She has an allotment right next to Warrior's field, a handy source of compost in return for fresh carrots. In an effort to save the world the has made a resolution to cycle to the train station at least once a week rather than take the car, so far so good.

Sue has ridden all over the world including Ireland, Canada, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile and Spain. Earlier this year she expereinced Crossing the Andes on horseback, she recently returned from the Essaouira Trail in Morocco (read her article about Morocco ) and is looking forward to rides in Iceland and Hungary later this year.