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Profile of leah Gravell


The famous BeaLeah grew up in rural Leicestershire and her love of horses goes back 20 years when she was bought her 1st riding lesson as a birthday present from her parents. At 10 Leah had her own pony by the name of Folly who first taught her the art of sitting to a buck - something that would come in very useful later on…

While at school Leah helped out at a local hunting/livery yard which soon became her second home - her mum even offered to bring her bed down for her but the straw would do nicely thank you! Whilst working at the yard Leah got involved with the Pony Club, team chasing and hunter trials where she loved to join in the fun. Around this time Leah started travelling around the country helping out at the National Horse Driving Trials events, as the commentators assistant; 'It was a great experience, sleeping in the back of horseboxes and the occasional beer tent!'

Bea was Leah's second horse she got at 16. A beautiful 16.2hh Thoroughbred mare who now resides in Liverpool, on loan to her friend Kate, but she regularly receives updates to her beloved horses' exploits up North. Bea continued on in the tradition of teaching Leah how to sit to bucks and what it meant to have no breaks but regardless of this they had a great time out in the hunting field and in competitions. One of the most important men in Leah's life is the family pet - an ageing Black Labrador called Murphy who is definitely the boss of the household!

Leah studied a BA (Hons) in Sport and Leisure Studies at the University of Brighton and her first major job after successfully graduating was at children's outdoor adventure company, PGL Travel in Shropshire. There she started out as a Pony-Trekking Instructor looking after the very hairy ponies, but soon made her way into the warm comfort of the office as a Senior member of staff.

Since leaving PGL and Shropshire Leah moved to Cambridgeshire with her now husband Duncan. She enjoys cooking, shopping, chocolate, wine and keep-fit - 'the thought is there - I can keep fit walking from shop to shop - that's much more fun!'

And Leah's favourite riding holiday moment? Swimming in the sea on a horse in the freezing North Sea!