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Profile of Gemma Johnson


Gemma Johnson Travel ConsultantGemma grew up in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire in a family immersed in all things horsey.

As a lover of speed her childhood ambition was to be a champion jump jockey but it soon became obvious this was never going to happen. Continued growth spurts meant that by the age of fourteen she already exceeded the average jockey in size and now, at just under six foot, she is slowly coming to terms with the painful realisation that she will never win the Grand National and is now often seen galloping around the countryside terrorising dog walkers and ramblers.

Gemma is the proud owner of an electric bum and never fails to spice up even the most sluggish of steeds. She loves show jumping and cross country and has been competing since about the age of seven on various ponies owned by her family, most of them very lively and all of them slightly insane.

Although she no longer owns her own horse she will ride pretty much anything for anyone, and in her old age she has even started to appreciate the more considered and careful art of dressage on her Mums 16.2 thoroughbred, Max.

In her spare time Gemma loves the theatre and films. She also contributes to a local newspaper and she attempts to write interesting plays for the theatre company she has co-founded, Stray Dog.