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Profile of Danni Wittman


Danni working!Danni joined Unicorn Trails at the start of 2007, but her love of horses and riding abroad flourished at a young age, much to the worry of her parents. Though they never attempted to curb that enthusiasm, they may have hoped it would fizzle out. However, they knew they were in trouble when they saw their only daughter galloping down the West Bank at Luxor grinning from ear to ear. Although she never had the opportunity of owning a horse, she made up for it by riding other people’s wherever and whenever she could.

For her Gap Year she went to Merrist Wood College, gaining an NC in Equine Management, and throughout studying for her MA in English Literature she freelanced for Chiltern & Thames Rider Magazine and worked at Patchett’s Equestrian Centre in the Tack Shop. During these 2 years she also had the pleasure of sharing Bonnie, the 16.3hh Irish Sports Horse with a robust sense of humour, the most beautiful eyes in the world, and a jump as powerful as a volcanic eruption. Bonnie taught Danni many things; be wary of men in hats, if a car stops beside you put your head in the window in case of treats, and, if ever participating in RC Le Trec, go through/over/under all obstacles sideways or not at all!

Whilst working for Chiltern & Thames Rider she was asked to write an article on exciting riding abroad. After interviewing Unicorn Trails the idea of working in Equine Tourism really took hold, and she has never looked back. In particular, she is attracted to the adventure of unguided trails, and, having ‘horse-ified’ her husband David with beach gallops in Catalonia and swimming bareback in Greece, the two tackled Crete’s Lassithi Trail unguided for their anniversary in September 2009. Danni is now addicted to Horizon Ranch in South Africa; having visiting them for their belated honeymoon in 2008 Danni and David now return every year! Hot on the heals of Horizon has to be Estancia Los Potreros in Argentina though, after a gallop across the pampas and a charge down the polo field the estancia has become another favourite!