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Profile of Carolyn Cranston


carolyn on horsebackCarolyn is a lady with a past and a permanent grin - more of that later! She is our bookkeeper and also helps out in the office when required. She is in charge of the cash coming in and out of our business - a pretty big responsibility!

Carolyn joined Unicorn Trails in the spring of 2001 and since then has become a key member of the team. She came across us by pure chance, whilst going to the local job centre with her son, she saw our advert and having recently completed a computer accounting course, she applied and we now wouldn't be without her.

Before her children, Carolyn worked in sales and promotions, but describes Unicorn Trails as her first 'real' job since the kids grew up. She likes the fact that she can decide which days she comes in (funny how it's never Fridays!) and that as a team we decide who will be in the office and when. She finds the work interesting and feels that the people she works with are friends, not colleagues.

Infected by the others' enthusiasm for riding, Carolyn decided to have a go herself and had lessons from a friend. This turned into a disaster! She had a bad fall and broke both arms, which put her out of action for a while. When she felt ready to work again, we picked her up and drove her home each day. We told her she would have been better off going on one of our beginner holidays. She has visited some of our rides in Spain and Portugal and her accident didn't stop her having another go while she was there - although she took it much more slowly this time!

Carolyn is a real positive influence in the office. Despite more than her fair share of heartbreak, she keeps focusing on the future and taking up new interests - the latest one being line dancing. She has her owns boots and a Stetson, but wearing it at work means she can't see her computer clearly! She also does a lot of charity work in the area as a member of Shefford Lions.

And the reason for the permanent grin? Carolyn has a new man in her life - John, who she met through a dating agency - ahhh! So, is Carolyn still nifty at 50? - you bet, hold on to your Stetson!