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Where better for Unicorn to locate horse riding holidays in stylish, cultured European Italy with its wonderful sunny climate and good-humoured volatility!

Few countries have such a long and distinguished history as Italy. We all know about the Romans of course, but the Etruscans settled long before in northern and central Italy, way back in the sixth century BC. Then approximately 500 years ago Italy was at the heart of the Renaissance with such legendary names as Leonardo de Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli and Raphael. 

It's geography is well known. Most school children learn that Italy, because of its shape, is 'the Boot' of the Mediteranean with 'Italy kicking Sicily'. To the north the immense Alps separate Italy from its European  neighbours of France, Austria, Switzerland and Serbia. With it's wonderful boot shape stretching into The Mediteranean Sea, Italy has miles and miles of glorious beaches.

So come on a horse riding holiday in Italy and link cuture, style and history with sun, beaches and mountains. Not forgetting wonderful food and local wines.

Unicorn has many horse riding holidays in Italy, in the regions of Tuscany, Umbria and Sardinia.


Tuscany is officially in Central Italy with the Mediterranean Sea running down its west border. Most of the region is either hilly or mountainous - the remainder forms the valley of the River Arno. Tuscany is scenically stunning and not just its countryside, for it's in Tuscany that the beautiful cities of Florence, Siena and Pisa are located.

We have many horse riding holidays in Tuscany and for riders that seek trail riding you will be spoilt for choice here in Tuscany.

It doesn't get any better than our premier horse riding holiday Etruscan Castle Tour which combines first class riding with excellent horses, gourmet meals and fine wines. This is not just a horse riding holiday in Italy - it is an all round experience of the region taken on horseback.  On this trail you will ride through undiscovered parts of Tuscany and Lazio -an area typical of the rich culture and historic background of the first Etruscan population. How wonderful it will be to stay overnight in two different medieval castles and also a fortress during the week. Gourmet meals introduce you to the various regional specialities - you will soon discover where Italy's international reputation for excellent food originates! On a cultural level you explore the local wineries famous for the Chianti wine. The trail passes through the heart of the ancient civilisation of Etruria, viewing a necropolis and many historically significant sites of incredible beauty. This is quite simply a first class equestrian riding holiday in Tuscany.

We have several camping trail riding holidays in Tuscany. The Maremma Park Trek, Tuscany which explores the Fiora Valley, Maremma Regional Park and visits Saturnia Thermal Baths. Ride on  Western saddles with the local cowboys - called  'Butteri'  through untamed areas. You will also visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany. How wonderful it is to camp miles away from human civilisation. This horse riding holiday in Tuscany is perfect for a nature loving rider. 

Yet another horseback holiday in Tuscany is Etruscan Trekking - another western style camping trail. The natural environment is varied and impressive with the mountain pastures of Montevitozzo, the wilderness of the Fiora river valley and canyons in tuff-rock. Ride through the Etruscan necropoles of Poggio Prisca and across ancient Etruscan cavern roads passing the most famous monument in this part of Etruria, the Tomb of Ildebranda. We camp on the shore of the volcanic Mezzano Lake, an absolute paradise!

We also offer our Two Lakes Trek in the Etruscan region of Italy. As with our previous camping trails, Western saddles are used. Enjoy great scenery riding along mountain trails, field roads, Etruscan cavern roads, river beds and lake shores and even swim in the beautiful volcanic Lake Bolsena. Ride up to the ancient volcanic crater of Bolsena in the Vulsini Mountains. Camp on the private shores of Lake Mezzano and enjoy an evening in paradise.

Of course Unicorn does not limit our horse riding holidays in Tuscany to trails. We have a fabulous based ride situated in a peaceful, picturesque valley in the Heart of Tuscany. Here you will receive quality tuition combined with calm riding out in the beautiful countryside, very comfortable accommodation, a swimming pool and many other activities that will appeal to all members of the family.  
Lessons are available for beginners onwards and are either private or semiprivate and when working in a class the group is limited to a maximum of three riders. All the instructors are very well qualified and work with calm, patience and real passion. This is a horseback vacation that our clients like to return to - there can be no better recommendation!

Another based stay in Tuscany is the holiday we call Western Tuition. This ride is aimed at developing and deepening the knowledge of 'natural western', 'collaboration between horse and rider' and 'guidance'. You may choose English tack if you wish but this is a friendly and fun holiday and a good way to get started in western riding as lessons in western riding are offered. There are mini trails out from the riding centre. This horse back holiday has an informal and relaxed atmosphere which makes it highly recommended for those travelling alone. 


We highly recommend our horse riding holiday in Umbria. If Italy is 'the boot' then Umbria is the 'calf muscle'! It is one of Italy's smallest regions and is less well known and less crowded than it's famous neighbour, Tuscany. Umbria is inland and has no coast but it is home to Italy's largest lake and the source of the mighty River Tiber. Here you'll find rolling hills, mountains, river valleys, chestnut tree groves and elm tree forests. The hills are dotted with lovely little towns and villages that specialise in hand made ceramics.  You will discover many watchtowers, fortresses, castles and monasteries.

The base for our very Italian Umbrian Adventure riding holiday is located is a stunningly unspoilt and beautiful southern corner of Umbria. Perhaps you'll spot wild boar and procupine while out riding. This horse holiday caters for every level of rider - advanced rider to beginner, adults and families and non-riders. It is possible to ride out in all directions but if you prefer, lessons are available and these are appropriate to you riding level. The speciality here is show jumping. Children may also have tuition. Non riding options include a visit to Assissi or for the connoisseur a trip to a local vineyard.


Sardinia is a great place for your horse riding holiday. We offer a number of rides here where you can enjoy the fantastic countryside of the mountains and explore this lovely location right down to the coast. Enjoy yourself at this Sardinian Country Retreat. We have three rides from this location, the other two are Sardinian Mountain to Sea and Sardinian Country and Sea. Which ever one you pick, you will have a fabulous time.

After a wonderful horse riding holiday in Italy you may like to opt for an extension - perhaps to immerse yourself in Italy's wonderful culture. Spoil yourself with a city stay in beautiful Florence, historic Rome or romantic Venice. Whatever your requirement, just ask us and we will arange it for you.

To help you further in choosing from Unicorn's horse riding holidays in Italy, the list below shows the ride categories that apply to at least one of our Italian rides: 

  premier horse riding holidays
  western style riding holidays
  health and lifestyle riding breaks
  trail riding holidays
  horse riding holidays suitable for children 
  mountain riding holidays
  riding holiday with camping
  advanced rider holidays
  singles horse back holidays
  centre based riding holidays
  beginner horse riding holidays 
  tuition on a horseback holiday
  heavier rider equestrian holidays
  horse riding holidays that can also accommodate non riders  

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